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Ex MARCOS Commando’s Story Of 26/11 Attacks Will Send A Chill Down Your Spine

Shaurya Chakra awardee Praveen Teotia who took four bullets during 26/11 attacks, appeared on KBC 10 last night.Amitabh Bachchan welcomed ex-navy commando Praveen Teotia, who received Shaurya Chakra for saving 150 people during the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Host Amitabh

9 Daredevils Of The Indian Navy You Should Know About

Hello Defence Lovers, For any nation, the navy is as important as the army, sometimes more. With one of the longest coastlines for any country in the world, India has been protected fiercely by its naval heroes throughout history. Here is a list of 9 such

INS Satavahana India’s Only Submarine Training Centre

Hello Defence Lovers, INS Satavahana is the premier Submarine Training Base of the Indian Navy and is located at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. It is the only submarine training centre in India. Training is carried out by the Submarine School (SMS) and the Escape Training School (ETS) and the School of

Decoding The Badges Of MARCOS Commando

Hello Defence Lovers, The special forces, which form part of the Parachute Regiment, have a distinct insignia called Balidaan, which has a commando dagger pointed downwards, with upward-extending wings extending from the blade and a scroll superimposed on the blade with “Balidaan” inscribed in Devanagari; the

What Happens To The Decommissioned Ships Of The Indian Navy?

Hello Defence Lovers, Decommission a ship is to terminate its career in service in the armed forces of a nation. Decommissioning confers that the ship has reached the end of its usable life and is being retired from a given country’s navy. But have you ever thought what actually happens to the

How Good Is The Indian Special Force MARCOS ?

Hello Defence Lovers, Much about Indian Special Forces are not known to the general public. When it comes to a highly covert Special Forces unit such as MARCOS, not very much information is available outside. INS Karna, near Visakhapatnam is the only known permanent operating base for

Do You Know Why Indian Navy Uniform Is White In Color?

Hello Defence Lovers,  As we all know that white is the colour of peace but for the Indian Navy it is a colour of power and dominance, the white uniform is respect. But as we know there is always a reason behind everything so there

How To Join Indian Navy Submarine Arm

Hello Defence Lovers, The life of an Indian Navy Officer is full of adventures and challenges, however, it comes with its own perks and perquisites, and undertaking deep sea missions in a submarine gives an officer unmatched thrill and pride. Adventure of exploring deep into the

Key Differences Between Indian Navy & Indian Coast Guard

Hello Defence Lovers, When people consider joining the military, many times they get confused about the differences between branches, especially when those branches have missions that, at a glance, seem similar. In the case of the Navy and the Coast Guard, they both have boats and

Indian Naval Aviation As A Glamorous Profession

Hello Defence Lovers, When Neil Armstrong, the legendary American astronaut and first person to walk on the moon, was asked to describe the most satisfying and memorable achievement in his illustrious career, everyone expected him to describe his landing on the moon in the Apollo 11

Life Of Indian Navy Personnel In Submarine

Hello Defence Lovers, The elite arm of submarines is for those who yearn for the exclusive challenge of operating below the surface of the oceans in highly technical and powerful submarines. With this article lets have a look at life of Indian navy personnel at submarine.

India Will Soon Get Nuclear Submarines That Can Attack China And Pakistan At The Same Time

Hello Defence Lovers, India has finally kick-started its “mother of all underwater defence deals” after an excruciating 10-year delay, with France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Spain and Japan being in the fray to build six advanced stealth submarines for an estimated Rs 70,000 crore ($10.9 billion) in

How To Join Indian Navy As A Sailor

Hello Defence Lovers, Indian Navy deals with ever changing advanced technologies and operates and maintains highly sophisticated ships, submarines and aircraft. The propulsion machinery, weapons, sensors and equipment on board these weapon platforms are operated and maintained by sailors, who are imparted with requisite training

Importance Of The Indian Navy To Indian Security And Prosperity

Hello Defence Lovers, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister, had rightly said,” To be secure on Land, we must be Supreme at Sea”. This famous quote always remind us that we are primarily a Maritime Nation. A strong navy is an important element of every

Second Scorpene Class Submarine Ready For Sea Trials

Hello Defence Lovers, Defence Minister Arun Jaitley has announced that the second Scorpene-class submarine is ready for surface sea trials. INS Khanderi, the second Scorpene class submarine has been built at Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) in Mumbai, Maharashtra.  It is the second of the six submarines being built at

Indian Navy Test-Fires Extended Version Of BrahMos Missile

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian Navy today moved towards acquiring a pin-point ability to attack targets on land with its first test of the land-attack variant of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. The missile has a range of 400 km. The successive successful launch of the supersonic

Indian Navy May Soon Approach Government For Second Indigenous Aircraft Carrier

NEW DELHI: Discussions are on within the Indian Navy over the second aircraft carrier planned to be built in the country and it is likely to approach the government with a proposal in another two to three months, a senior Navy officer said on Tuesday.

Indian Navy All Set To Order 12 Minesweepers

Hello Defence Lovers, After years of delay, Indian Navy is all set to sign a deal with a South Korean defence major for building 12 minesweeping vessels at a cost of nearly Rs 35,000 crore. Also Read, Soon India To Have Its Own Hypersonic Missile By

10 Arm Badges Of Indian Navy You Must Know

Hello Defence Lovers, The white is a color of peace but for Indian navy white is a color of power and dominance, the white uniform is respect. The naval uniform stands out in the crowd, the men and women take a lot of pride wearing the

How To Join Indian Navy As Medical Officer

Hello Defence Lovers, Working as a doctor in the Indian Navy combines the satisfaction of helping people medically with the pride of serving the country. As a member of the Navy Medical Corps, you’ll receive high-quality training and a good salary, making this an excellent career

Indian Navy Gets Three Naval Systems From DRDO

Hello Defence Lovers, The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has handed over three naval systems to the Indian Navy. These latest systems will significantly enhance the navy’s navigation and communication network. The systems were handed over to Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Sunil Lanba

DAC Approves Barak Missiles For Naval Warships

Hello Defence Lovers, The government approved procurement of a fresh batch of Barak surface-to-air missiles for Naval warships to enhance India’s maritime capability in view of the changing security dynamics in the Indian Ocean region. A meeting of the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC), chaired by Defence

Amazing Facts You Should Know About The Indian Navy

Hello Defence Lovers, The white is a color of peace but for Indian navy white is a color of power and dominance, the white uniform is respect. The naval uniform stands out in the crowd, the men and women take a lot of pride wearing the

Amazing Facts You Should Know About The MARCOS

Hello Defence Lovers, MARCOS, previously named as Marine Commando Force (MCF), is the special forces unit of the Indian Navy. Created for conducting special operations such as Amphibious warfare, Close Quarter Combat Counter-terrorism, Direct action, Special reconnaissance, Unconventional warfare, Hostage rescue, Personnel recovery, Combat search and

All You Need To Know About The Arihant Class Submarine

 Hello Defence Lovers, INS Arihant is India’s first nuclear-powered submarine. The ship submersible ballistic, nuclear (SSBN) submarine was launched at the Indian Navy’s dockyard in Visakhapatnam, which is the headquarters of India’s Eastern Naval Command. Also Read, Gorkha Rifles : Nightmare Of Enemies The INS Arihant, India’s

Life In Indian Navy

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian Navy is the naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces. The President of India serves as Supreme Commander of the Indian Navy. The crux of Indian Navy is about defending the country against external threats through waters. Then it not only defends

Exclusive : Indian Navy Tejas Fights Back

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian navy, however, has rejected the naval version of the Tejas saying it is too heavy to fly from its aircraft carriers and has instead won government approval to buy 57 planes from abroad. Parrikar said the navy wanted a twin-engine fighter to

Indian Navy Grade Pay & Salary Chart After 7th Pay Commision

Hello Defence Lovers, The crux of Indian Navy is about defending the country against external threats through waters. Then it not only defends the country from ocean-headed threats but provides smart intelligence regarding all defence related matters it gathers from a variety of sources. The Indian Naval

Indian Navy – A Global Force for Good

“Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit.” The white is a color of peace but for Indian navy white is a color of power and dominance, the white uniform is respect.The naval uniform stands out in the crowd, the men and women take a

Key Differences Between Merchant Navy & Indian Navy

Hello Defence Lovers, The naval division of the Indian armed forces is called as the Indian Navy. The task force of the Indian Navy composes of war ships and planes that are utilized in emergency situations or combat While the Merchant Navy is concerned with the