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4 Awesome Things Which Definitely Inspired You To Join Indian Army

Hello Defence Lovers, Joining the Indian Army has always been seen as an attractive career opportunity by the youth. The fact that a large portion of the youth that enrolls itself in the Army every year proves that it continues to be a promising profession

Saluting “ Field Marshal Sam Bahadur”On His Tenth Death Anniversary

Hello Defence Lovers, Uttarakhand has a very special connection with Field Marshal SHFJ Manekshaw as it was in this hill region that this great soldier was a student –first at Sherwood College, Nainital and later  a cadet  at the Indian Military Academy (IMA) , Dehradun. June

Operation Mandhol- First Ever Raid By Para Commandos

Hello Defence Lovers, If the surgical strikes carried by Para commandos of Indian Special Forces on September 29 didn’t satiate your quest for heroics of India’s Special Forces, here is another story of from 1971 war when brave commandos had carried the first raid after their

Indian Army, Where Growth Is A Way Of Life

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian Army promises both professional and personal growth at every stage of the career. Opportunities to upgrade through various courses are abundant. The adventure and extra-curricular activities in the Army ensure an all round development essential in today’s world. An opportunity is

What Is The Importance Of The Army Camouflage Uniform?

Hello Defence Lovers,  In combat the element of surprise can be a tactical advantage that makes the difference between life and death. Drawing on nature, science and practical experience, designers create camouflage that can buy soldiers precious seconds in the field.  People have been using camouflage

What Is It Like To Be A Lady Officer In The Indian Army?

By Kulwant Kumar, former Colonel at Indian Army (1973-2005) & other quora user Hello Defence Lovers, Indian Army is the most amazing life that any girl/boy could have thought of Living under the sun! That “uniform” speaks for itself! No other profession can compete with it. To

Meet Field Marshal K M Cariappa The Father Of The Indian Army

Hello Defence Lovers, With this article we will talk about the legend who made the Army truly Indian and he has often been described as ‘The Father of the Indian Army’. Field Marshal K.M. cariappa( Kodandera Madappa Cariappa ) is a man known for many

A Day In The Life Of A Para Commando

Hello Defence Lovers, When you live, day after tough day, with the looming possibilities of death, it takes tremendous levels of motivation to keep going.India’s Para commandos have their task cut out when it comes to balancing courage under fire, with the hard truth that’s death.

Did You Know Indian Army’s School Of Jungle Warfare Is The Best In The World

Hello Defence Lovers, The Mizo Militancy in the 1960s made the Indian government and the Indian Army realize that soldiers should be trained for extreme jungle warfare. Hence, the Counter-insurgency and Jungle Warfare School was established. It’s a pity, however, that most Indians don’t know about its existence,

Meet A Braveheart Soldier Col. D.P.K Pillay Who Kicked A Live Grenade Away

Hello Defence Lovers, A soldier’s wish is always to be remembered as a savior, not a killer. And only a very few brave souls like Colonel Pillay are granted this wish. A brave soldier of the nation. But before that, he proved himself to be a great human being with his

One Army Officer’s Idea In The 1980s May Have Given India The Edge In Kashmir

Hello Defence Lovers, It was the spring of 1984 and, barring the rumblings of dissent in Punjab, the rest of the northern parts of India were relatively quiet except for the odd skirmish along the Line of Control. I was not yet 23, a young flying

How Do Soldiers In The Indian Army Deal With Sleep Deprivation?

Hello Defence Lovers, Soldiers in Army undergo a very tough training of 36 to 40 weeks (varies from country to country but it is an average). In this period they complete many training activities and undergo such conditions like sleepless nights, low oxygen conditions and they

‘Antim Pag’ The First Step To Being A Fauji

Hello Defence Lovers, In this article we will talk about ‘Antim Pag’ which symbolises the commencement of Military life in the great Indian Armed Forces. Also Read, 8 Fauji Languages Used By Army Wives Antim Pag or the Final Step is the last step for the

Key Difference Between Regiment, Corps, Battalion & Division

Hello Defence Lovers, In this post we are talking about the key differences between regiment, corps batallion and division of Indian Army. Also Read, Why There Is No Reservation Policy In Indian Armed Forces? Command: Indian Army has 6 operational commands and 1 training command. Each one

Why There Is No Muslim Regiment In The Indian Army?

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian Army is an apolitical, professional body that is extremely proud of its dharma of loyalty to the nation and its Constitution. It does not believe in practising discrimination on the basis of religion, caste or colour. The Indian Army is a traditional

Are There Any Hairstyle Restrictions For Girls In The Indian Army?

Hello Defence Lovers, As we all know, men in the military are required to keep their hair at a very short length. The short hair is “for hygiene,” making it easier to find ticks, and for uniformity. But is there any hairstyle restrictions for girls in

All You Need To Know About Indian Army Future Infantry Soldiers

Hello Defence Lovers, India has never been an instigator of war, but unfortunately has been involved in five major ones since Independence. The Indian Army has proved its mettle and emerged victorious and a huge credit goes to the Infantry. A large part of the 1.4

4 Ways For Girls To Join Indian Army As An Officer

Hello Defence Lovers, Serving your country by joining the army is a matter of honour and pride for any citizen, and in 1992 the Indian Army took the landmark decision of inducting women into officers’ cadre in various arms and services or the armed force.

Brigade Of The Guards- Senior Most Infantry Regiment

Hello Defence Lovers, The Brigade of The Guards is a Mechanized Infantry Regiment of the Indian Army. It was raised as the first “all India”, “all class” infantry regiment of the Army where troops from all parts of India serve together, as opposed to other regiments that recruit from specific regions,

Meet Swati Mahadik Wife Of Martyr Colonel Santosh Mahadik Commissioned As Lieutenant In Indian Army

Hello Defence Lovers, Maharashtra hero, the late Col. Santosh Mahadik’s widow Swati Mahadik was on Saturday commissioned into the Indian Army as a Lieutenant. As she completed her parade in Chennai on Saturday, Lt. Swati Mahadik broke down, and her family members and a senior army officer’s wife

Meaning Behind The Badges Of India’s Glorious Army Regiments

Hello Defence Lovers, It will not be a surprise if you are told that Indian Army Regiments use a particular insignia to represent themselves. But have you ever tried to know the meaning behind these symbol or maybe, why a particular insignia is assigned to a

5 Indian Sports Persons Who Served In The Indian Army

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian armed forces has always been on the forefront when it comes to producing sportsmen of international pedigree. In addition to their heroics on the battlefield, where the brave officers and soldiers of the defence forces have made the ultimate sacrifice by laying

Para Commandos Salary & Allowances After 7th Pay Commission

Hello Defence Lovers, Para Special Forces are the face of true battle superiority of Indian Army to their enemies. They march the dark places, deal with unknown danger and eliminate every kind of threat to India. Have you ever wondered what would be the salary of Para

Indian Army To Rethink On Its Sahayak System

Hello Defence Lovers, Indian Army is considering doing away with the colonial-era Sahayak System and considers recruiting civilian staff in peace stations. The Indian Army’s move comes in the wake of rising cases of jawans coming out openly against the Sahayak system. Also Read, Indian

15 Unseen Pictures Of The Indian Army From The First World War

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian Army during World War I contributed a large number of divisions and independent brigades to the European, Mediterranean and the Middle East theatres of war in World War I. Over one million Indian troops served overseas, of whom 62,000 died

After A Patient Wait For 20 Years, Indian Army gets Modern Bullet Proof Helmets

Hello Defence Lovers, After a long patient wait of over two decades by the brave Indian Army soldiers, a consignment of modern ballistic helmets will finally reach them in a few days. According to reports, this will enable them to bear the impact of bullets

Meet Punita Arora The First Woman Lt. General of Indian Army

Hello Defence Lovers, Punita Arora is the first woman in India to don the second highest rank i.e. Lieutenant General of Indian Armed Forces and the first female Vice admiral of Indian Navy. Arora graduated from Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune. She did her

Everything About The Ustads Of Indian Military Academy

Hello Defence Lovers, As the world watched the colourful passing-out-parade at the Indian Military Academy on 10th of June, in which 423 gentlemen cadets graduated after an intense one year of training, few would have known the contribution of the men who made the transition