Why There Is No Muslim Regiment In The Indian Army?

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian Army is an apolitical, professional body that is extremely proud of its dharma of loyalty to the nation and its Constitution. It does not believe in practising discrimination on the basis of religion, caste or colour. The Indian Army is a traditional force and many battalions are organised on the basis of region/locality/part of the nation where it is headquartered. Thus we have the Sikh regiment, the Marathas, the Gorkhas etc. So in this article we will discuss why there is no muslim regiment in the Indian Army.

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  •  India got partitioned, that is British Army with both Hindus and Muslims got partitioned. There might have been a Muslim regiment, if India was not partitioned. Not exactly in the name of Muslim regiment but we could have got four or five more regiments like Sind Regiment, Baloch Regiment, Pathan regiment, Bangla Regiment , frontier Regiment.
  • In current scenario the recruitment in regiments is more or less region based and not religion based. eg: Sikh regiment: Punjab area, Gorkha regiment : Gorkha area (WB & NE), Madras regiment : Tamil region and so on. It is usually the soldiers that are recruited in such a way as they are well aware of the regional languages / terrains/ places/ people/ communities around.
  • The number of Muslims is probably not sufficient to form a regiment. At partition muslims formed 30% of the Indian Army, but after partition this number was reduced to less than 2%. Even now, Muslims are less than 5% of the Indian Army. This is also related to lower socio-economic status and education among muslim population in general.
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  • Indian Army is purely based on Merit and any Muslim willing to join the force Will be evaluated like anyone else and no matter how many Muslims come for selection, they will be selected if they pass all the tests. A great example is Brigadier Usman who fought for India in 1947 and sacrificed himself in combat then Lt. Gen. Hasnain(2 generations) who have earned medals in the battlefield.
  • Indian Army is based on the idea of social equality and oneness. And this is easily visible from the fact that everyone is a servant to the Motherland. If a Hindu soldier joins the Sikh regiment, he becomes a Sikh. If a Sikh soldier joins the Gorkha regiment he becomes a Gorkha. If a muslim soldier joins the Rajput he becomes a Rajput. If a Christian soldier joins the Madras regiment he becomes a Madrasi, and so is the case for any other serving person of any religious background.
  • There was no Muslim Regiment ever and certainly not in 1965. But Muslims fighting as part of multi class regiments proved their absolute commitment and worth. Abdul Hamid’s Param Vir Chakra, although a legend, is insufficiently recalled today. Major (later Lt Gen) Mohammad Zaki and Major Abdul Rafey Khan both won the Vir Chakra, the latter posthumously even as he battled the Pakistani division commanded by his uncle, Maj Gen Sahibzada Yaqub Khan.
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  • As soon as a soldier, officer takes his/her ANTIM PAG he is no more a muslim,hindu,sikh,christian,jain ,buddhist etc his only religion is Indian there is no doubt that there are thousands of muslim brothers serving our nation in different regiments.
  • Lastly, there are no Hindus or Muslims in the army, there are only Indians. and there is famous dialogue from bollywood movie BABY ‘Religion wala jo column hota hai , usme hum BOLD aur CAPITAL me INDIAN likhte hai‘ which shows Indian Army has only one religion of Bhartiyata.

Remember one thing India Military force has zero person with their religion. India can have only Indian as Military officer” A words from the Gen. JJ Singh when he opposed the Religion based counting in Indian Army.

Jai Hind

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