Do You Know Why Indian Navy Uniform Is White In Color?

Hello Defence Lovers,  As we all know that white is the colour of peace but for the Indian Navy it is a colour of power and dominance, the white uniform is respect. But as we know there is always a reason behind everything so there are also multiple reasons behind using white uniform.

  • The Colour Of The First Ever Clothes Worn, Was White:  

Cotton was the widely used material for making clothes in olden days which is white in colour. Navy is also the oldest global profession. So, the colour of the clothes worn by the seafarers was white.

  • Sign of Integration Of Seven Seas:

Seven colours integrate to give white colour. White is not in colour spectrum. White uniform indicates the integration of seven seas. In fact, White is a combination of rainbow colours VIBGYOR.

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  • To Maintain Hygiene:

In sea voyage, health and hygiene have high priority. So, white uniform help to achieve the goal of remaining hale and hearty. White not only reflects all radiations but also reflects any sign of dirt, faintest stain and even a tiny spot. It makes the seafarer wear clean uniforms always to remain in good health.

  • Clearly Visible even In Low Light or Darkness:

Ships are not free from electrical power failures, blackouts and to give distress calls. White uniforms help easy identification to provide Search and Rescue. In dark, white uniform is easily identifiable and in the light, it can be seen from a distance in the background of Prussian blue colour of the sea.

  • Symbol of Peace:

In olden days, seafarers travelled to different countries to explore the world. They used to wear to give a message of peace. As we all know, white colour symbolises peace since ages.

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  • Reflects Heat and Keeps You Cool:

The white colour is a great reflector of heat and thus keeps away the wrath of sun and person remains cool. Generally, dark coloured clothes absorb more heat. Since they travel under hot sun white uniform helps them to remain cool.

  • Not Costly:

Money saver in olden days. Comparing to coloured and designed clothes, plain white clothes are very cheap.

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  • Looks Great:

Brings respect and gives a great look. White attire makes you look dignified and gains respect.

  • Customs and Traditions:

As customs and traditions, the practice of wearing white uniforms is still going on.

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