Why Can Most Of The Time Only NDA Cadets Become An Army Chief ?

Hello Defence Lovers, Have you ever thought why can most of the time only NDA cadets become chief of army staff (COAS) and is it possible for an IMA cadet to become an army chief who joined the IMA from direct entry? Well if you don’t know then read this article here we will talk about the reasons behind it.

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  • First of all there is no bar to anyone becoming a Chief. What does matter is the age.If your commissioning age itself is more, than you have less chances of going up to that rank. But, NDA officers have a distinct advantage of age over officers from OTA or DE from IMA.
  • Cadets join NDA at the age of 16½ to 19½ , and passout from NDA at the age of 19½ to 22½. Then these cadets join IMA as GCs and get commissioned at the age of 20½ to 23½ years of age.
  • Next, Coming to Direct entries the age limit is 19 to 24 years and he must be a graduate, so most of the candidates who join IMA are of the age range 19½ to 24 years (very rare cases 19 year olds *) and they passout after 1½ year of training and get commissioned at 21 to 25½ years of age.
  • So see an ex NDA gets commissioned nearly 6 months to 1 year earlier than an DE, and this 6 months of seniority will help him a lot when he is considered for flag ranks.
  • Yes if a 19 year old graduate joins IMA in his first attempt, passes out after 1½ years, he will be at par with ex NDAs, practically speaking these people are very less in number and get weeded out during training, after commissioning, premature retirement, medically taken out, ACR and so many other factors.
  • Theoretically the shear number of Ex NDAs to Ex DE who get commissioned early ( at 20½) is high and as you go higher and higher lot of people fall off , and all the factors and probability favors the Ex NDA practically.
  • Theoretically you can, If you join IMA at the age of 19 pass out at the age of 20½, perform your best and serve, have a good ACR, pass your colonel board, next your brigadier board, then major general board and so on until your final board and still alive you will be considered by the committee for COAS!
  • All these aside, Nobodys sure of becoming a COAS, in his Autobiography Gen VK Singh, has mentioned he was happy that he reached brigadier , one rank higher than his father and didn’t even know he would be COAS and things happened accordingly.
  • And last If you were to create the most beautiful sculpture in the world then you will give it a lot of time and hammering will be needed.

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