What Is It Like To Be A Lady Officer In The Indian Army?

By Kulwant Kumar, former Colonel at Indian Army (1973-2005) & other quora user

Hello Defence Lovers, Indian Army is the most amazing life that any girl/boy could have thought of Living under the sun! That “uniform” speaks for itself! No other profession can compete with it. To join as lady officer in the Indian Army is like stepping into ELITE. You will keep your head high through out your life. 

  • We have officer cadre and all join that. As young officers, all are required to go through the physical and mental grind – PT, sports, work related to man-management, exercises in searing heat or cold, firing etc!!
  • Everyone moves the same way – more or less. Funniest part that all have to endure is that men will address all as ‘sir’. No ‘ma’m’ here!!
  • However things are not as level playing as they appear. On forward posts, young officers stay alone with a platoon or a company of soldiers for days and months on. One of the reason why women are not commissioned in Infantry.
  • In technical arms, after certain stage – specially after getting married; many peace location vacancies are given to the women officer due to their family consideration.
  • This deprives young officers and their families of the same privileges!! In sum – there is a creeping bias at some stage though nothing is apparent or no one will admit that!!
  • For Indian Army you are an officer first and lady last.
  • Regarding the work atmosphere its one of the best and safest, specially compared to corporate sector. bad elements are present in all fields. Being women you just have to deal with it bravely and ethically since the world isn’t an Utopia.
  • And at last It all depends on your attitude and aptitude. It is best to talk to serving lady officers and get a first hand view of pros and cons of professional and personal life of women in the army.

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