What Happens To The Decommissioned Fighter Aircrafts Of Indian Air Force?

Hello Defence Lovers, On average, an aircraft is operable for about 30 years before it has to be retired and no doubt the amount of money Indian Air Force  invest into their aircraft is mind-boggling that is why IAF is the 4th largest air force in the world and according to global firepower index rating at present Indian Military operates approx 2000+ aircraft’s. But have you ever thought what happens to the decommissioned fighter aircrafts of Indian air force? so in this article we will talk about the same.

  • After an aircraft is decommissioned, IAF may donate the outer body (after removing all the avionics and equipment inside) of a fighter jet to an educational or fit-for-purpose institution with due care, regulations and commissioning norms.
  • IAF doesn’t even sell the parts of an aircraft in scrap, so they are either donated for display as explained earlier or are melted to re-use the steel for their own purposes or other organisations.
  • Some of these are sent to Air Force training institutes for technical education purposes.
  • Also Some of these are sent to Aerospace Museum for inspiring young generation.
  • Some decommissioned jets stay in storage on the chance that they might one day fly again.

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Source- Quora User