What Happens To The Decommissioned Ships Of The Indian Navy?

Hello Defence Lovers, Decommission a ship is to terminate its career in service in the armed forces of a nation. Decommissioning confers that the ship has reached the end of its usable life and is being retired from a given country’s navy. But have you ever thought what actually happens to the decommissioned ships. so in this article we will talk about what happens to a decommissioned Navy Ships.

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  • Navy Ships are often sold to other friendly countries to be continue in service under a new flag. In fact, India purchased decommissioned aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov from Russia and is using it by renaming it as INS Vikramaditya 
  • In case of any public and/or firm interest to convert it into Museum. Many decommissioned ships are installed as museums for tourism and knowledge purpose. Example is INS Kursura in Vishakapatnam.
  •  If it consists any Nostalgia factor then it could be preserve in War Memorial.
  • Recently, Bajaj has launched its bike Vikrant made from the scrapped metal of INS Vikrant.
  •  If there is a no value left in it , then it will hand over to Navy Shipyard to get scrap metal.
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  • Some ships are also sunk in the sea as targets of underwater sea exercises.
  • Navy Ships that have some strategic value left in them are often “mothballed.” They are sealed up for preservation and parked with lots of other old ships in Reserve bases in case the Navy ever needs them again in future for strategic requirement.
  •  It can be use as test object for development of new weapon system, electronic system & radar system.
  • Decommissioned ships are used as a dummy targets during the missile testing. During the test of BrahMos missile by the navy, most of the targets were the decommissioned ships.
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