Different Ways To Develop Officers Like Qualities

Hello Defence Lovers, The Process of SSB is most scientific method to find out your true personality. As their advertisement says: “Do You Have It In You?” If you have it in you, they will find out. Approach the entire process confidently and with open mind. There is nothing stopping you! In this article we’ll discuss the ways for developing Officers Like Qualities (OLQs).

  • SSB is about being your natural self. You don’t have to worry about broadcasting your OLQs (Officers Like Qualities). You just have to be natural and honest.
  • The IO (Interviewing officers) looks more for the consistency in your personality rather than perfection as a human being. This consistency check assures him whether you are lying or not. It reveals the strength of your character.
  • The assessors will themselves judge you on your performance whether you have a certain OLQs or not.
  • OLQs are a way of life. You need to inculcate them in your daily life. SSB is not about practising test series and then writing your answers.

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  • The Services Selection Board look for 15 OLQs (Officer Like Qualities) in the candidate which is tested through 3 different ways – mana(thought), vacha(speaking) and karma(action).

(1.) Effective Intelligence.

(2.) Reasoning Ability.

(3.) Power of Expression.

(4.) Self Confidence.

(5.) Determination.

(6.) Organizing Ability.

(7.) Initiative.

(8.) Courage.

(9.) Cooperation.

(10.) Sense of Responsibility.

(11.) Stamina.

(12.) Group Influencing Ability.


(14.) Social Adaptability.

(15.) Speed of Decision

  • A person who naturally practises these OLQs will get recommended and automatically his tests will turn out to be good.

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  • They are looking for the candidate who have the potential, because they are the ones who can be trained and molded to become officers.
  • Do not try to pose what you are not. Be honest, natural and down to earth.
  • If one is trying to cheat during the process of SSB Interview, it will be easily detected by the Group Testing Officers (or GTOs), the Interviewing Officers and the Psychologist who have been specially trained to conduct this process of interview.
  • And remember, they have vast experience of judging hundreds (rather thousands) of potential officers wanting to join the Indian Armed Forces , who come for SSB Interview as candidates, from different states and variety of family background.
  • Never judge yourself , let others judge you strictly in context of SSB.
  • Defence is the only sector which searches for RIGHT FIT and not BEST FIT. You don’t need to have a resume which boasts everything, you just need to have that fire in your belly to go through.
  • It’s not based on your judgement, it’s based on the assessors, if they find the desired qualities which they are looking for, then they won’t think twice. You need to project those qualities at right time and it would only come if you ‘BE YOURSELF’.

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  • Remember that IO has all the information in front of him/her that you have declared in your various forms filled up to that stage and he clearly wants to see whether you know and remember things that you write. Don’t bluff about things which you do not remember. Telling the IO that you cannot recollect a certain piece of information is perfectly fine but there is a limit to which he would accept this ruse.
  • Keep yourself up to date with the current affairs and of course have a decent general knowledge about your country, armed forces and of course about various things you have engaged your life in. You could have written in your personal information Form that you are guitarist or avid reader. He would most certainly ask about those things in one or the other way.
  • Always maintain a calm mind during the entire duration of your group tasks. Being silent is not what I mean by calm here. solve any of your tasks very patiently.

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At last, Just Keep In Your Mind That They Are There To Select You not To Reject You.

Jai Hind

All You Need To know About The AFSB Interview Procedure