View: Why China Continuously Supporting Pakistan?

By Brigadier Arun Bajpai (Retired)

  • This time with proposal to declare Pakistani sponsored, pampered and head of Pakistani based jihadi organisation Jaish Mohammad, Masood Azhar, as Global Terrorist, moved by three permanent members of security council namely America, UK and France in this March month only but once again has been blocked by China on flimsy technical grounds.
  • Since 2009 China has done this fourth time severely annoying all four permanent members of security council China being the Fifth. This once again proves that despite 100 billion trade between India and China, china is no friend of India and time India understand this once for all.
  • This Jihadi Masood Azhar and his terror organisation Jaish Mohammad is one of the main fighting arm of Pakistani Army against India, others being Lashkar-e-Toiba and Hijbul Mujahedeen. With the help of these jihadis, Pakistan is waging proxy war against India since 1988 in the shadow of its nuclear capability.
  • Out of these three, Masood Azhar is the real blue-eyed boy of Pakistani Army. It was Masood Azhar which was responsible for Attack on Indian Parliament, Jammu& Kashmir Assembly and Pathankot Air Base. How flimsy is Chinese objection to Masood Azhar being declared Global Terrorists is borne out by the fact that his terror organisation Jaish Mohammad already stands banned. Is it not funny that while his organisation is banned as a terror organisation its head Masood Azhar is not proscribed and is free to roam about? It simply means that China does not want to compete with India but is only interested to impede the growth path of India. Let us not forget that it was China which supplied nuclear technology to Pakistan and then tested Pakistani nuclear bomb in its test site facilities at Lop Nor. China has been using Pakistan as its proxy to impede India’s growth.
  • It also proves the point that Wuhan Summit or no Wuhan Summit as for as China is concerned it is all out for Pakistan and there will be no policy change. As it is, it is said for China that all its policies are long term and it does not change its policy right or wrong in short span of time.  We should also not forget that it is once again China which is not allowing India to be member of the elite Nuclear Supplier Group despite all efforts of America, France, UK and other countries.
  • Another reason for China to side with Pakistan is its Belt and Road initiative. This is the pet project of Chinas Strong man and President for life XiXinping. Currently this project is not doing too well in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore where they have cancelled number of its connected schemes. A strong feeling has got generated that china is entrapping the poor nations with first easy loans then on their inability to pay demanding these countries to lease their land in lieu.
  • Habantota port built by China for Srilakna and then taking its lease for 99 years because Sri lanka is unable to pay back billion plus loan is case in point. In Pakistan, in their belt and road initiative known as CEPC, China has invested almost 50 billion dollars. This project, what was of use to China, it has already built worth 8 billion dollars, now what has to be built for Pakistan is in progress. There are 70000 Chinese working in Pakistan. This entire CPEC is being built mostly in restive Baluchistan where the insurgents are against this CPEC.So these Chinese are guarded by 15000 troops of Pakistani Army. Hence currently China is obliged to Pakistan and is desperate to achieve success in this CEPC. Of Course, in futuristic perspective china will be converting Pakistan into its colony but currently it is toeing its line.
  • As said earlier, since 2009 this is fourth time that China has used its veto power to stall Masood Azhar being declared as Global Terrorist. This has not gone down well with the other countries of the world. In UN Security Council alone out of five permanent members and ten temporary members , except for China , all other 14 members were for proscribing Masood Azhar.
  • This time this proposal to declare Masood as Global terrorist was moved by the three veto power countries , America, France and UK.  Now France has already  put economic sanctions on Masood and has seized all his properties in France. France has also requested EU countries numbering 27 to do the same. If this happens it will be big blow to Masood Azhar .China also will be forced to rethink its policy on Masood, because now it is standing out as an obstructionist country concerning terror.
  • As for India is concerned, we will have to understand that China and Pakistan, both nuclear capable countries are our enemies. Despite we being independent for last 71 years this point has not sunk into our thinking process. As a result, while we keep on blowing hot and cold in our policies towards these countries, they for last four decades plus are going on firm belief that India is their enemy which must be put down at all cost. Their all policies are made up accordingly.
  • Now having realised this we must go all out to develop our armed forces to the extent that both these countries combined know that They will not be able to win any war short or long with India. We must develop this deterrent in our military power. We must go all out to produce weapons indigenously for our own use and export. Make in India in Defence must be our slogan. Also, we must not just be defensive but should have capability of offensive- defence. on economic front we are doing well, we are now fifth largest economy of the world. We must maintain this momentum. we must also develop capability of conducting covert war as other countries are doing against us. Let us not forget that in world arena the Might is Right concept continues to prevail.

Brig Arun Bajpai (Retd) is a distinguished Defence and Strategic Analyst. Views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of IDN. IDN does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same

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