20 Tricky Questions Asked In SSB Interview

Hello Defence Lovers, There is not a limited number of tricky questions in SSB. Each and every test there is meant to assess your different personality traits so there’ll be a lot of tricky questions; sometimes you wouldn’t even know if a question is there just to trick you into revealing a particular side of yours. All they want is to find out what you wouldn’t tell yourself. 

  • Talking about tricky questions, they could be in PI, or in command task when GTO wants to have a small talk, or in conference if yours is a “border line case”. They could be anywhere from your personal life, to day-to-day problems, or an urgent situation, or an extreme “what if” situation. It could be to cross check a particular quality of yours that the assessor has a doubt about, or just to check your IQ. Here are a few examples:
  1.  What would you do if I ask you to organise a little event before the final conference?” (About organizing an event)
  2. “What would be your reaction if I say I’m not going to select You,no matter how excellent you perform?” (To check your temperament)
  3. “Would you rather choose an intelligent or a beautiful wife?”
  4. “What should be your priority in your 20s?”( day to day general intelligence)
  5. “If you are allowed to beat the crap out of a person, who would it be?”
  6. “ If you get recommended, What will be your first reaction?”
  7. “ If you commit a crime without anyone seeing you,would you tell anyone about it or not?”
  8. “What do you think has been the most important moment in your life so far?” (Personal life)
  9. “What would you do if there’s a Fire in your school/college/office?”
  10. “Whom would you save in a sinking boat? An old lady or your best friend?”
  11. “What would you do if you are stabbed and robbed in another city late at night?”
  12. (What if/urgent situation)
  13. They may start giving you words one after the other and ask you to frame sentences verbally (again like the WAT)
  14. They can also assume you to be an officer of the defence services and then give you a situation (like Your mother being seriously ill at home, you being posted at one of the frontier posts and situation there is also not very easy. What will you do – type questions)
  15. What you say about your boss?
  16. Why are you leaving the present job?
  17. What if one morning you woke up and found that you were pregnant?
  18. The one that often falls but does not get hurt?(to check presence of mind)
  19. Suppose you’re not selected for the day what would be your next move?
  20. What can you never eat for breakfast?

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