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Martyred Officer’s Wife To Join Indian Army As Tribute To Her Husband

The wife of Major Prasad Mahadik, who was killed in a fire at his camp in Arunachal Pradesh, will follow into the footsteps of her late husband and join the Indian Army next year after completion of training.  Gauri Mahadik (32), all set to join the Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) at

Armed Forces Preparatory Academy, We Don’t Coach…! We Transform

Hello Defence Lovers, In a country with a population of 1.5 billion, the Armed Forces are still struggling to get the right people to join the officers’ cadre. AFPA was conceived by after long years of experience in coaching of defense aspirants online. AFPA is one

How To Control Body Language During SSB Interview?

Hello Defence Lovers, The expression “it’s not what you say, it’s what you do” is never more true than during SSB Interviews. Your body language can have a significant impact on how you’re perceived, and so you have to be aware of it from the moment you step

New Three Day SSB Interview Procedure To Select Officers On Hold

Hello Defence Lovers, The armed forces have reportedly decided to put on hold the implementation of a new procedure developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to select officers. The De Novo Selection Procedure was envisioned to be implemented by all Services Selection

How Hard Is An SSB Interview?

Hello Defence Lovers, SSB Interview board evaluates the suitability of the candidate for becoming an officer using a standardized protocol of evaluation system which constitutes of personality, intelligence tests and interviews. SSB interview process is designed by the DRDO scientists. If you have it in you then its very

20 Tricky Questions Asked In SSB Interview

Hello Defence Lovers, There is not a limited number of tricky questions in SSB. Each and every test there is meant to assess your different personality traits so there’ll be a lot of tricky questions; sometimes you wouldn’t even know if a question is there just

25 Most Shocking Question Asked During SSB Interview

Hello Defence Lovers, SSB Interview is the one of most important aspect of judging our character from a highly experienced person and if you are able to set your mark here then your recommendation is guaranteed as the interviewer mostly happens to be the deputy

5 Best Ever SSB Interview Tips For Repeaters

Hello Defence Lovers, Not recommended in SSB interview or screened out in PPDT test? Many candidates lose hope after getting rejected in SSBs. Definitely many candidates who got screened out in stage I or not recommended by SSB board in conference will somehow feel disappointed. For

Most Important Things To Remember During SSB Interview 2017

Hello Defence Lovers, Cracking SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview is not an easy task. Having said that, I’d also like to add that it is not mission impossible either! After all, we all have dictionaries with the ‘term’ impossible absent in it, right? So in this

Medical Examination Procedure For Recommended Candidates At SSB Interview

Hello Defence Lovers, After a candidate clears the SSB Interview, he/she is expected to undergo a Medical Examination held at the medical boards. Only the candidates who are declared fit by the medical authorities are eligible to join the Training Academy. It takes 4 to 5 days

10 Infamous Myths About SSB Interview

Hello Defence Lovers, The SSB Interview Process is completely fair process it does not demarcate whether you come from the best of school, or whether you come from village or from a  cosmopolitan city or whether you come from a back ground full of defence forces

10 Amazing Tips To Improve Your Spoken English For SSB Interview

Hello Defence Lovers, Communication in English has become a must nowadays, whether be it in the private sector or the defence field or with your friends. The value of speaking in English has become really important. English speaking has always been a problem for candidates preparing

Key Differences Between AFSB & SSB Interview

Hello Defence Lovers, SSB stands for Service Selection Board whereas AFSB stands for Air Force Selection Board. They more or less follow the same procedure for recommending any candidate but there are few minor differences. In this article we have provided the key differences between both of

Best Ever Books To Crack SSB Interview

Hello Defence Lovers, Do you have SSB interview this year? are you planing to buy a good SSB interview book for guidance, then in this article we’re writing down the some of the best books for SSB interview preparation. If you were not able to take

Best Ever Tips To Write PPDT & TAT Stories

Hello Defence Lovers, Though PPDT and TAT are two different tests of SSB interview, they are almost similar in nature.  In both of the tests, candidates need to write a story on the picture shown. Major difference between SRT and PPDT is group discussion event. Writing good

8 Differences Between PPDT & TAT In SSB Interview

Hello Defence Lovers,  Many of you have asked us and we thought that you are somewhat confused between PPDT & TAT. So here we are to clear that confusion. Just go through the complete article to clear your all doubts regarding the same. Thematic Apperception

Current Affairs 2017 For SSB Interview

Hello Defence Lovers, SSB Interview is the opportunity to reinforce that you are capable of being an officer and to show how you can fit into the Indian Armed Forces and contribute to its growth. Interviewing officers at SSB boards ask lots of questions on

Different Ways To Develop Officers Like Qualities

Hello Defence Lovers, The Process of SSB is most scientific method to find out your true personality. As their advertisement says: “Do You Have It In You?” If you have it in you, they will find out. Approach the entire process confidently and with open mind.

Best Ever Tips For SSB Interview

​Hello, Defence Lovers! A SSB interview is the most desired and most dreaded part of the SSB process. The interview is your opportunity to reinforce that you are capable of being an officer and to show how you can fit into the armed forces and