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How To Control Body Language During SSB Interview?

Hello Defence Lovers, The expression “it’s not what you say, it’s what you do” is never more true than during SSB Interviews. Your body language can have a significant impact on how you’re perceived, and so you have to be aware of it from the moment you step

How Hard Is An SSB Interview?

Hello Defence Lovers, SSB Interview board evaluates the suitability of the candidate for becoming an officer using a standardized protocol of evaluation system which constitutes of personality, intelligence tests and interviews. SSB interview process is designed by the DRDO scientists. If you have it in you then its very

20 Tricky Questions Asked In SSB Interview

Hello Defence Lovers, There is not a limited number of tricky questions in SSB. Each and every test there is meant to assess your different personality traits so there’ll be a lot of tricky questions; sometimes you wouldn’t even know if a question is there just

25 Most Shocking Question Asked During SSB Interview

Hello Defence Lovers, SSB Interview is the one of most important aspect of judging our character from a highly experienced person and if you are able to set your mark here then your recommendation is guaranteed as the interviewer mostly happens to be the deputy

How Can You Train Yourself For SSB Interview?

Hello Defence Lovers, The SSB Interview Process is completely fair process it does not demarcate whether you come from the best of school, or whether you come from village or from a  cosmopolitancity or whether you come from a back ground full of defence forces or

7 Interview Etiquettes Every Defence Aspirant Should Know

Hello Defence Lovers, The Personal interview is one of the three techniques that are framed to access the calibre of a candidate. From mental to physical performance, candidates have to accelerate from major points to hidden facts and tricks. Free mind with good tactics of working efficiently

Best Ever Tips To Write PPDT & TAT Stories

Hello Defence Lovers, Though PPDT and TAT are two different tests of SSB interview, they are almost similar in nature.  In both of the tests, candidates need to write a story on the picture shown. Major difference between SRT and PPDT is group discussion event. Writing good