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India’s New Advanced Talwar Frigates To Arrive By 2022 After Payments Clearance

The Indian Navy is likely to get its first two advanced Talwar class frigates by 2022, following clearance of payments and key material procurements that will enable Russia’s Yantar Shipyard to commence full-scale work on the warship. The contract for new frigates – two of which are to

India to Buy 18 More Su-30MKI and 21 Mig-29 Fighter Jets From Russia

Indian Air Force (IAF) is eyeing 18 more Sukhoi Su-30 MKI multirole fighters and 21 Mikoyan MiG-29 air superiority jets from Russia to add extra teeth to its arsenal, and tackle the twin threats of Pakistan and China. IAF already has a sanctioned strength of

India Has Finalised The Mega Plan To Acquire 30 Weaponised Sea Guardian (or Predator-B) Drones

India has finalised the plan to acquire 30 weaponised Sea Guardian (or Predator-B) drones in yet another proposed mega defence deal with the US, even as New Delhi remains steadfast about going ahead with its deal inked for the Russian S-400 Triumf missile systems despite

Russia Puts Onus On US For Early Outer Space Rules After India’s Test

Russia while welcoming India’s right to Anti-Satellite Missile Test has put onus on USA on framing rules at the earliest to prevent weaponisation of outer space.  “We noted the test of anti-satellite weapons conducted by India on March 27, as a result of which an

What US Sold to India in 10 Years, Russia Sold in Last 6 Months

With the signing of the lease agreement for an Akula-class nuclear-powered attack submarine worth over $3 billion, the value of defence deals between India and Russia made in the last six months has surpassed the value of defence deals struck between India and the US in the last one decade. Following last year’s annual

Indian-Russian JV Mulls Installing Modified Missiles On MiG-29

The Indian-Russian BrahMos Aerospace joint venture is looking into the possibility of installing a new modification of their missile on light combat aircraft, namely, the Tejas and the MiG-29, BrahMos Aerospace Market Promotion and Export General Manager Praveen Pathak told TASS on the sidelines of

Advanced MiG-35 Offered to India Priced Lower Than Other Foreign Models: Russia

Russia’s advanced MiG-35 light-class fighter jet, participating in the Indian Air Force tender for the purchase of 110 aircraft of this kind, would cost India 20 % less than similar foreign models, the Russian MiG Aircraft Corporation said here on Thursday. “In terms of economical

All Russian-Made S-400 Missiles Sent To China Have Been Destroyed

Rostec Corporation CEO Sergei Chemezov has confirmed that Russia was forced to destroy all delivered to China S-400 missile after a vessel transporting these got caught in a storm. Speaking at a press conference at the IDEX 2019 military exhibition, Chemezov said that Russia had

Putin Writes to Modi; White House Asks Pakistan To Shut Down Terror Havens

USA and Russia for the second consecutive day have asked perpetrators of Pulwama terror attack to be brought to justice with President Vladimir Putin asking for action against attackers and White House demanding that Pakistan dismantles terror infrastructure.  Putin sent his condolences to President Ram

Meet Russia’s S-500 Air Defense System: The Ultimate F-35 Killer?

2019 is on track to be a big year for Russian surface-to-air missile systems. From the new S-350 “ Vityaz” to additional S-300 V4 brigades, scores of modernized Russian artillery systems are poised to enter into military service over the coming months. But the elephant

Russia Wants Back In On India’s Gun And Missile System Competition

Russia has lodged a protest over India’s decision to disquality its two munitions systems from the $1.6 billion Army program, spurring newfound tensions between the two allies. During a meeting of the India-Russia Inter-Governmental Commission on Military Technical Cooperation in New Delhi Thursday, visiting Russia

BrahMos Missile To Equip Talwar-Class Frigates

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has stated that the four Krivak-III class frigates the navy is buying from Russia will be armed with the BrahMos anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM), reinforcing their reputation as the word’s most-heavily armed 4,000-tonne warships. On Saturday, the MoD’s apex procurement

India To Make Payments In Rupees For Russian Air Defence System – Gov’t Source

India is planning to pay in rupees for Very-Short-Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) systems from Russia; the deal is likely to be concluded next year, a government official told Sputnik. The decision to pay the rupee equivalent of around US $1.5 billion for the defence systems was made to circumvent US sanctions against Russia which were

Finally Deal Signed For 2 Made-in-India Russian Grigorovich Frigates

Less than a month after India signed up to buy 2 Russian-built Admiral Grigorovich class frigates, a follow-up deal has beene signed today for two additional ships of the same class that will be built at India’s Goa Shipyard Ltd (GSL). It’s a been a week of note

After Big S-400 Deal, Russia ‘Wins’ Indian Army VSHORADS Missile Contest

One of India’s most confounding, meandering and costly weapons contests — seen for months to be hanging by a thread — has finally reached a conclusion that is almost certain to be beset with controversy. A three-way battle to supply the Indian Army with hundreds of very

India Developing Advance Anti-Ballistic Missiles Systems With More Capability

Noting that that Russian-made S-400 Triumf missile system is one of the most advanced air defence system, Eastern Air Command Chief, Air Marshal Raghunath Nambiar on Friday said that India is also developing systems to defend itself from ballistic missiles of more capability.  “We will

Make In India Hits Russian Tech Transfer Hurdle

One of the government’s plans to kick-start defence manufacturing in the country as part of its ambitious Make in India programme has run into a stumbling block on account of constraints on sharing original design details and drawings of Russian equipment and curbs on exporting

Russia’s S-400 Sale To India Won’t Imperil Its Partnership With Pakistan

There’s been a lot of talk about how Russia’s decision to sell S-400s to India might negatively affect its incipient partnership with Pakistan, but such speculation reveals an improper understanding of these two Great Powers’ developing relations that recalls the outdated zero-sum mentality of the

How India’s Modi Chose Moscow’s S-400 Missiles, Defied Trump and Spurned Israel

Vladimir Putin knows how to pack a punch. The combatant Russian president, an avid judoka, applies the martial art’s two principles to diplomacy. One: move rapidly. Two: use the weight and strength of the opponent to your advantage rather than combating them directly. In a

Why Russia’s S-400 Is No Joke (And Why No Air Force Wants to Fight Against It)

The S-400 is one of the most controversial missiles in the world currently. The United States has imposed economic sanctions on countries simply for buying the system, but many of the world’s powers are interested in it, with India signing deals in September 2018 and

Pakistan Voices Opposition To Russia’s S-400 Sale to India

Since their partition in 1947, India and Pakistan have fought three wars, two over the Kashmir region, which both countries claim as their own.Pakistan is opposed to the deal for the delivery of Russian S-400 air defense missile systems to India, the country’s Foreign Ministry