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US Expected to Fast Track Indian Requests for Predator UAV Drones for Indian Army and Navy

A Letter of Agreement (LoA) from the Trump administration is expected soon for the Indian government’s requests for ten each `Predator MQ9’ UAVs for both the Indian Army and Navy. The drones will come through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and a contract will be

Mission Shakti Debris Has Decayed, Says DRDO Chief

DRDO chief G Satheesh Reddy today said that most of the debris created as a result of A-SAT weapon test has decayed while rest of it is expected to decay in a short while. Speaking on the sidelines of an event at IDSA, he said,

INS Arihant May Be Ready, But India Shouldn’t Pop The Champagne Bottle Yet

On 5 November, Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted a series of tweets about India’s first indigenous nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) having completed her maiden deterrence patrol. Project 932 –studies and projects to understand the feasibility of building nuclear submarines— was initiated in the 1970s