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After Serving Navy And AirForce, Man Joins IMA, Commissioned Into Army After Passing Out Parade

The Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun on Saturday witnessed the passing out parade of 459 Gentlemen Cadets. Among the young officers who were newly commissioned into the Army, includes Lt Narendra Singh From Jodhpur. While Singh joined the Army today, he has previously worked

Former Mujahideen’s son Trains In India To Join Afghan Army

Among the 80 foreign gentleman cadets (FGC), who passed out on Saturday from IMA, there was a 24-year-old Afghan soldier who is eager to carry forward his father’s legacy. Father of Mohammed Raheb Rashid, who was among 49 Afghan gentleman cadets, fought as a Mujahideen

‘Antim Pag’ The First Step To Being A Fauji

Hello Defence Lovers, In this article we will talk about ‘Antim Pag’ which symbolises the commencement of Military life in the great Indian Armed Forces. Also Read, 8 Fauji Languages Used By Army Wives Antim Pag or the Final Step is the last step for the