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INS Viraat Will Be Sold As Scrap

The government has decided to scrap Indian Navy aircraft carrier INS Viraat, following the trajectory of the country’s first carrier INS Vikrant. Docked at the Mumbai naval yard since being decommissioned in 2017, INS Viraat has been expensive to maintain, according to Shripad Naik, Minister

After 48 Years of Neglect, Navy Gets New Helicopters To Replace Its Sea King Fleet

In July 1971, the first British made Sea King helicopter landed on the deck of INS Vikrant, India’s first aircraft carrier. 48 years later, the INS Vikrant is long gone – decommissioned and broken up, but variants of the same Sea King helicopter continue to

Aircraft Carriers are the Ultimate Weapon for 1 Reason: They Are Really Hard to Sink

Initiatives like the Naval Integrated Fire Control – Counter Air program link together every available combat system in a seamless, fast-reacting defensive screen that few adversaries can penetrate. Numerous other advances are being introduced, from the penetrating recon capabilities of stealthy fighters to shipboard jamming

New Dry Dock To Enable Cochin Shipyard Limited To Construct More Aircraft Carriers

The third dry dock at Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) will enable it to construct large vessels, including the second indigenous aircraft carrier, for the Indian Navy. The 310-metres-long dry dock will be one of the largest dry docks in the country. CSL is currently manufacturing

Missing In Action: India’s Aircraft Carriers

Long considered the crowning jewel of the fleet, India has continuously operated an aircraft carrier for well over half-a-century. Since 1961, when its first carrier entered service, India has gone to war with Portugal (1961), China (1962), and Pakistan (1965, 1971, and 1999). How is

What Happens To The Decommissioned Ships Of The Indian Navy?

Hello Defence Lovers, Decommission a ship is to terminate its career in service in the armed forces of a nation. Decommissioning confers that the ship has reached the end of its usable life and is being retired from a given country’s navy. But have you ever thought what actually happens to the

Indian Navy May Soon Approach Government For Second Indigenous Aircraft Carrier

NEW DELHI: Discussions are on within the Indian Navy over the second aircraft carrier planned to be built in the country and it is likely to approach the government with a proposal in another two to three months, a senior Navy officer said on Tuesday.

Indian Navy – A Global Force for Good

“Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit.” The white is a color of peace but for Indian navy white is a color of power and dominance, the white uniform is respect.The naval uniform stands out in the crowd, the men and women take a