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100-Year-Old Dehradun Shop Gets Order For Khukris From US Army Officer

A 100-year-old Dehradun-based Khukri manufacturing shop has received an order of 60 Khukris from a serving US army official, which the owner of the shop claimed will be used in operations in overseas expedition in Gulf region. The Khukri manufacturing shop named Satish Khukri received

Meaning Behind The Badges Of India’s Glorious Army Regiments

Hello Defence Lovers, It will not be a surprise if you are told that Indian Army Regiments use a particular insignia to represent themselves. But have you ever tried to know the meaning behind these symbol or maybe, why a particular insignia is assigned to a

8 Amazing Facts About Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw You Probably Didn’t Know

Hello Defence Lovers, With a distinguished military career that spanned over four decades and five major wars, Field Marshal Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw (lovingly called Sam Bahadur) was undoubtedly one of the most celebrated military men in Independent India.  Sam Manekshaw was the first Indian Army

Gorkha Rifles : Nightmare Of Enemies

Hello Defence Lovers, Gorkha Rifles is a Gorkha infantry regiment of the Indian Army composed of Gurkha soldiers of Nepalese origin, especially martial tribes of Magars and Gurungs. Integral to the Indian Army, the Gorkhas are probably the most feared and bravest soldiers on the face of the