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India Has Finalised The Mega Plan To Acquire 30 Weaponised Sea Guardian (or Predator-B) Drones

India has finalised the plan to acquire 30 weaponised Sea Guardian (or Predator-B) drones in yet another proposed mega defence deal with the US, even as New Delhi remains steadfast about going ahead with its deal inked for the Russian S-400 Triumf missile systems despite

India, US Work Towards Signing 2 More Defence Pacts

INDIA AND the US are working towards signing two more defence pacts, the Industrial Security Annexure (ISA) and Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for Geo-spatial Cooperation (BECA) to further institutionalise defence cooperation between the two countries. Pentagon had already submitted a draft ISA to the

US Expected to Fast Track Indian Requests for Predator UAV Drones for Indian Army and Navy

A Letter of Agreement (LoA) from the Trump administration is expected soon for the Indian government’s requests for ten each `Predator MQ9’ UAVs for both the Indian Army and Navy. The drones will come through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and a contract will be

India, Australia to Adopt classified Communications: Official

Although the Australian Navy is, at present, “hanging off” COMCASA — India’s secure communications agreement with the U.S. — Australia and India are “moving forward” toward a classified-level communications environment, a senior Australian Navy spokesperson said. The spokesperson said COMCASA (the Communications Compatibility and Security

After 48 Years of Neglect, Navy Gets New Helicopters To Replace Its Sea King Fleet

In July 1971, the first British made Sea King helicopter landed on the deck of INS Vikrant, India’s first aircraft carrier. 48 years later, the INS Vikrant is long gone – decommissioned and broken up, but variants of the same Sea King helicopter continue to

Why Trump Doesn’t Want To Lose ‘Friend’ India

US President Donald Trump’s waiver to India for the ongoing project in Chabahar port in Iran was a relief to New Delhi. Especially because this waiver comes in addition to the six-month relief from sanctions on the import of Iranian oil granted to seven other

As We Get Closer To US, Let’s Not Forget The Past

Hello Defence Lovers, By signing the Communication and Information on Security Memorandum of Agreement, or CISMOA, which the Americans generously renamed COMCASA  (Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement) to reflect its India-specific nature, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has achieved what all his predecessors yearned for.

7 Reasons How COMCASA Is So Important For India

 India will now be on a stronger footing in case of Doklam-type crisis in future as it will have access to superior intelligence and information about battle situations, thanks to COMCASA. India and China were locked in a conflict for months over a border dispute