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View: India Must Rethink While Dealing With China

By Brigadier Arun Bajpai China is just not allowing India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group, despite all efforts of other major powers and very recently it has once again vetoed the proposal forwarded by France, UK and America to declare terrorist Masood Azhar as

China’s New Tanks So Advanced, Its Soldiers Don’t Know How To Use Them: Report

China’s new tanks are so advanced that its soldiers don’t know what to do with them, reports emanating from China have said. Recent reports in the Global Times newspaper and CCTV (China Central Television) said an elite combined-arms brigade driving the new Type 99A tank

We Will Sink 2 Aircraft Carriers and Kill 10000 Sailors If The US Stands In Way Of China’s SCS Goals

A Chinese Admiral said recently that his country’s military is capable of sinking American aircraft carriers in the East and South China Seas. Rear Admiral Luo Yuan’s comments were made in a speech on Sino-U.S. relations which he gave on December 20, according to News

Is India Capable Of Holding Ground Against The Chinese Military In The Event Of A War?

Hello Defence Lovers, As India is gearing up to celebrate its 71st Independence day on August 15, all the leading portals are flooded with stories ranging from Partition to freedom fighters and the heroes of new India. But it would be even interesting to view the