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Indian Armed Forces May Soon Get 450 kms Supersonic Cruise Missile ‘BrahMos’

Supersonic cruise missile BrahMos on Tuesday was test fired from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur in Odisha. The anti-ship version of the missile was launched around noon from the launch complex-3 of the ITR, Defence Research and Development (DRDO) sources said. Described as

BrahMos Missile To Equip Talwar-Class Frigates

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has stated that the four Krivak-III class frigates the navy is buying from Russia will be armed with the BrahMos anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM), reinforcing their reputation as the word’s most-heavily armed 4,000-tonne warships. On Saturday, the MoD’s apex procurement

Indian MoD Clears BrahMos Buy For Fitment On The 2 Russian Grigorovich-Class Frigates

The Defence Ministry Saturday approved military procurement worth Rs 3,000 crore, including Brahmos supersonic cruise missiles for Navy’s two stealth frigates and armoured recovery vehicles for the Army’s Arjun main battle tanks, a senior official said.  The go-ahead for both acquisitions was given by the Defence Acquisition

BrahMos Spy Case : Why India Must Not Ignore America’s Role In It As well

As the investigations into the BrahMos spy cases continues, the police are ascertaining if the main accused, Nishant Agrawal had leaked sensitive data relating to the supersonic missile. Under the scanner is his computer which is suspected to have sensitive data relating to the missile.

Here’s The Reason Why The ISI Spies Could Be Snooping Around BrahMos

The recent arrest of Nishant Agrawal, a scientist working with the missile research centre of BrahMos Aerospace Pvt Ltd (BAPL) in Nagpur, has sent shock waves across the country’s security establishment. At the centre of his alleged espionage lies India’s ace in the hole, the BrahMos supersonic cruise

Forget Godzilla, Russia Is Building This New Sea Monster

Hello Defence Lovers,  According to a tweet by the Russian embassy in South Africa, the Chaika A-050 is slated to enter service by 2020. The A-050 is what is known as an “Ekranoplan,” or ground-effect vehicle. The Soviet Union pushed these airplane hybrids during the

Indian Navy Test-Fires Extended Version Of BrahMos Missile

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian Navy today moved towards acquiring a pin-point ability to attack targets on land with its first test of the land-attack variant of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. The missile has a range of 400 km. The successive successful launch of the supersonic

Indian Navy – A Global Force for Good

“Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit.” The white is a color of peace but for Indian navy white is a color of power and dominance, the white uniform is respect.The naval uniform stands out in the crowd, the men and women take a