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4 Awesome Ideas Which Evolve Your Motivation Into Discipline

Hello Defence Lovers, Motivation must evolve into discipline, because, what happens when you are not motivated that day?  At the very moment you have to decide to stay comfortable in bed or get up and keep reaching for your goals. This is discipline and mental toughness.  You

What Is It Like To Be A Lady Officer In The Indian Army?

By Kulwant Kumar, former Colonel at Indian Army (1973-2005) & other quora user Hello Defence Lovers, Indian Army is the most amazing life that any girl/boy could have thought of Living under the sun! That “uniform” speaks for itself! No other profession can compete with it. To

8 Things To Know Before Joining The Indian Military

Hello Defence Lovers, Now a days more and more people are turning to the military as a career choice. While we applaud everyone who decides to serve their country, But we think it’s important to go into this knowing full well what to expect. So here

Do You Have It In You : Unlock Your Potential

Hello Defence Lovers, We all want to succeed and gain long-term happiness, whether it is about making our name famous, travelling the world or simply getting rich – whatever our personal dream be to make it big on the stage of the World. As a Candidate, all