Story Of Badluram – The Legend Of Assam Regiment

Hello Defence Lovers, Indian military lore is littered with stories of heroism and valor, but equally there are interesting, quirky stories and some wonderfully fascinating traditions that are inextricably intertwined with the various units within our military. One such story is that of Badluram of the Assam Regiment an infantry regiment of the Indian army. Raised 1941 in undivided Assam, the regiment recruits only from the North Eastern Seven Sister states.

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Assam Regiment :
  • The Assam Regiment is an infantry regiment of the Indian Army.
  • The regiment consists of 22 battalions: 15 regular battalions, 3 Rashtriya Rifles battalions, 3 Territorial Army infantry battalions and 1 battalion of Arunachal Scouts.
  • It recruits exclusively from all the Seven Sister States of northeast India.
  • The regiment wears Hat Terai worn by the Gurkhas.
  • “Tagra Raho” is the unique regimental slogan/ salutation that was adopted in the 1960s when the then commanding officer late Maj. Gen. S C Barbora would ask his sainiks “Tagra Ho?” (are you strong/fit) and hearty came the reply “Tagra hai sir”. This is but one of the many interesting traditions associated with this highly decorated regiment.
  • Even more fascinating is the legend of soldier Badluram and story of how the regimental song/ march came to be adopted. Badluram ka badan Zamin ke neeche hai….aur humko uska ration milta hai…” (Badluram’s body is buried but we draw his ration) goes the regimental song.
  • The legend of the song is based in a true story.
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Who Is Badluram ?
  • Badluram was an Indian soldier who was martyred in the World War II .
  • His regimental officer was smart and continued to draw rations on his name.
  • The additional ration that was collected on his name over the months proved to be a very useful when the regiment was surrounded by the Japanese and was cut off from supplies.
  • The regiment survived the siege, thanks to Badluram’s ration that saved them from a possibly disastrous fate that could have resulted in many deaths.
  • So Badluram, his badan and his ration are now a part of regimental tradition and lore.
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The Story Behind “Badluram Ka Badan” The Song Of Assam Regiment :
  • The legend of Badluram, a soldier of Assam Regiment during Second World War, inspires every new recruit of the Assam Regiment as they sing and dance to the tune of “Badluram ka Badan.”
  • The interesting story behind the song is that, Badluram from one of AR’s platoons died in action during World War II.
  • However, the quarter master erred in striking out his name from the list of dead and therefore ration was drawn in the name of the dead soldier.
  • This resulted in surplus ration getting dumped at the war site.
  • The surplus ration that collected in his name over the months proved to be a lifesaver when the regiment was surrounded by the Japanese and cut off from supplies.
  • So the song Badluram ka badan zamin ke neeche hai, par hamhe uska ration milta hai (Badluram lies beneath the earth, but we get his ration) celebrates that legend.
  • The young recruits of Assam Regiment sing and dance to it’s rousing tune at their attestation parade in Shillong.
  • This song is played out at the passing out ceremony of the young recruits at Shillong and is extremely inspiring and enjoyable.
  • The song was composed by Late Major Proctor in 1946 and is a take on John Brown’s body which was popular marching song during the American Civil War.
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