Para Commandos Salary & Allowances After 7th Pay Commission

Hello Defence Lovers, Para Special Forces are the face of true battle superiority of Indian Army to their enemies. They march the dark places, deal with unknown danger and eliminate every kind of threat to India. Have you ever wondered what would be the salary of Para (Special Forces) Commando officer’s of Indian army. And the allowances and benefits they would be getting. Other than Pay scales, salary and allowances the things which make the life amazing of Special forces is the respect they get while wearing the “Maroon Cap”. The way they are trained hard to be the best part of Indian forces so the pay perks given to them is also the same way. In this article we have discussed regarding Para Commando Officer Salary, Allowances and benefits after 7th pay commission.

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Perks and Payment of the Para Commandos :
  • Indian Army pay gross salaries to its employees, gross salaries include grade pay, basic pay, monthly allowance etc.
  • Government also takes care of extra allowances like transportation facilities, House rental allowance etc.
  • Special Forces operative have some special allowances like Parachute pay of Rs 1200, Special Forces pay of Rs 9000, Counterinsurgency of Rs 6300 etc.
  • Para commandos get reservations in AC 3 Tier from his home to posting. When sometimes a North Indian gets posted in Bangalore or a South Indian gets posting in J&K.
  • The journey could be 2-3 days. They could get late to reach home but they shouldn’t be late for the duty reporting.
  • A special Forces of 5-6 years of experience would probably be receiving around Rs 30,000 if he is posted in hostile areas like J&K or Northeast.
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Pay And Allowances For Para Special Force Officers :
                                                                                                                                                                                                (Rs per month)
Brigadier and above and equivalent 15750
Major to Colonel and equivalent 21000
Captain and equivalent 16500
Lieutenant and equivalent 13500
JCOs and equivalent 12600
Havaldars and below and equivalent 10500
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7th Pay Commission Allowances Notified By Centre For Uniformed Services :
  • The goverment has now clarified that all allowances will be given with effect from July 1, 2017.
  • Concerned ministries have now also been advised to issue their orders on allowances governed by them immediately so that the revised rates of allowances get reflected in the current month’s salary bills of the government employees.
  • Here we are taking a look at recommendations in respect of some important allowances paid to Uniformed Services: Defence, CAPFs, Police, Indian Coast Guard and Security Agencies:

# Abolition of Ration Money Allowance and free ration to Defence officers in peace areas not accepted, RMA to be credited in bank account

# Technical Allowance (Tier-II) not to be merged. The government decided to continue Technical Allowance (Tier-II) @ Rs 4500 pm-courses to be reviewed.

# Aeronautical Allowance increased from Rs 300 pm to Rs 450 pm and extended to Indian Coast Guard also.

# Counter Insurgency Ops (CI Ops) Allowance for counter – insurgency ops increased from Rs.3000 – Rs.11700 pm to Rs.6000 – Rs.16900 pm.

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# MARCOS and Chariot Allowance paid to marine commandos increased from Rs.10500 – Rs.15750 pm to Rs.17300 – Rs.25000 pm.

# Conditionality of 12 hrs reduced to 4 hrs for Sea Going Allowance and rates increased from Rs.3000 – Rs.7800 pm to Rs.6000 – Rs.10500 pm.

# COBRA Allowance granted to CRPF personnel in Naxal hit areas increased from Rs.8400 – Rs.16800 pm to Rs.17300 – Rs.25000 pm.

# Modified Field, Field & Highly Active Field Area Allowances increased from Rs.1200 – Rs.12600 pm to Rs.6000 – Rs.16900 pm.

# Flying Allowance increased from Rs.10500 – Rs.15750 pm to Rs.17300 – Rs.25000 pm and extended to BSF Air Wing also.

# High Altitude Allowance increased from Rs.810 – Rs.16800 pm to Rs.2700 – Rs.25000 pm.

# Higher Qualification Incentive for Defence Personnel increased from Rs.9000 – Rs.30000 (Grant) to Rs.10000 – Rs.30000 (Grant).

# Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer Allowance increased from Rs.1500 / 3000 pm to Rs.4100 / 5300 pm.

# Additional Free Railway Warrant (Leave Travel Concession) extended to CAPFs.

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# Territorial Army Allowance increased from Rs.175 – Rs.450 pm to Rs.1000 –Rs. 2000 pm.

# Ceilings of Deputation (Duty) Allowance for Defence Personnel increased from Rs.2000 – Rs.4500 pm to Rs.4500 – Rs.9000 pm.

# Detachment Allowance increased Rs.165 – Rs.780 per day to Rs.405 – Rs.1170 per day.

# Para Jump Instructor Allowance increased from Rs.2700/3600 pm to Rs.6000/10500 pm.

# Special Security Allowance for Special Protection Group increased to 55% and 27.5% of BP for ops and non – ops duties.

# Housing provisions for PBORs and their families residing at other stations significantly improved and linked to HRA, process simplified.

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