Meet Parajumper Tanupriya Singh Who Is Known As ‘Flying Girl’ Of India

Hello Defence Lovers, Tanupriya Singh is one of the finest cadets of NCC who made three jumps from AN-32 aircraft along with her father Master Warrant officer Surendar Singh, who himself is a para instructor and created a history in NCC by jumping off from 1,500 feet.

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  • Parajumper Tanupriya Singh, known as ‘Flying girl’, or wing woman among friends, and countrymen.
  • She is in final year of her graduation. She has been actively participating in various  sports and adventurous activities at school, college and university level and has served our society for the past 8 years under the ambit of NCC and various NGOs.
  • Daughter of a world renowned skydiver and also one of the best skydivers in the world, leadership qualities in her were spotted early, she was also Head girl of Air Force School and adjudged the best cadet of Agra thrice in junior wing of National Cadet Corps (NCC).
  • She was honoured with the prestigious Governor’s Meritorious Medal in 2017.
  • The PM Narendra Modi tweeted on her picture and congratulated her.

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  • She has represented India in ICEP Singapore 2016. Indian Embassy high commissioner Vijay Singh Thakur in Singapore appreciated her for the extraordinary performance there.
  • She is the first girl to perform Parajumping Act with her father in the Armed Forces.
  • She was chosen All India Best Cadet in the Para Basic Course which is said to be the male bastion and its training is given to the troops of Indian Army, Air Force, Navy and Special Forces of India.
  • She was only girl cadet selected from UP. She also represented UP in Republic Day Camp 2016, New Delhi.
  • Her role model is her father MWO S Singh Renowned Skydiver and Sports player, who is currently serving with the Indian Air Force as Parachute jump instructor and trainees the troops of tri-services and mainly special forces of India and abroad.
  • She is three-time best cadet award winner in Agra who is good with assault rifle in firing range exchanged salute with President of India on Republic day parade at Rajpath on January 26
  • This is not all. The multitalented girl is also a trained ‘Bharatanatyam’ dancer besides being a kick boxer and taekwondo champ.
  • She is an inspiration and role model of all the young girls, NCC Cadets and Defence Aspirants.
First Ever NCC Cadet To Get Nominated For ‘HT Woman Awards 2017’ And Winning It :

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  • Being a successful para jumper at the age of 21 Tanupriya Singh has already seen many a high in her life but winning the ‘HT Woman Special Award’ 2017 is something very special that has made her firmly believe in attaining what one aspires for.
  • Tanupriya said “It has indeed changed my life and now it seems to be no looking back. I had commitment for my vision and aim and this award has endorsed the faith that my parents had in me”
  • “I first informed my mother Shashi Bala in Agra over phone after winning the award. She was a government school teacher in Haryana but gave up her career for bringing up me and my two brothers. I find her as the one deserving above others to share the joy of moment,” she says.
  • “The uniform of my father and adrenaline of adventure aspire me to be part of defence. I have to put double effort and hard work against my classmate, as I keep on participating in training programmes which reduce my academic hours. During exams time, I sleep only three hours and balance remaining time in NCC and study.” she says.
  • “I aim to propagate the message of ‘Beti Padhao Beti Bachao’ with the support of my parents and would love to make this world a better place to live where youth of my nation can aspire to dream and make them a reality,” says Tanupriya.
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