Special Standards For Leg Length, Thigh Length And Sitting Height For Pilots In Air Force

Hello Defence Lovers, Joining IAF (Indian Air Force) is a dream that many young Indians nurture. Many dream of becoming Flying Officers (Pilots) in IAF. The leg length, along with other anthropometric measurements like height, arm length, &c, is important because cockpits of aircraft (fighter/transport/helicopters) are modified for Indian needs so that pedals and instrument switches are comfortably within reach. One cannot be outside the acceptable range of minimum and maximum. That means being too tall or having too long legs or arms can will disqualify you.

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  • To meet special requirement as a pilot in the Air Force the acceptable measurements of leg length, thigh length and sitting height will be as under :

Leg Length

99.00 cms

120.00 cms.

Thigh Length

64.00 cms.

Sitting Height 81.50 cms.

96.00 cms.

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  • The length is calculated from the waist to the toe. Starting point being the hip bone and ending point being your ankle bone.
  • Air Force is one of the important defence wing. The requirements are very clear and NO consideration is provided.
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