Last Minute Tips To Clear NDA Exam In First Attempt

Hello Defence Lovers, The NDA 1 2018 Exam is scheduled to be conducted on Apr 22,  2018. With just a few days left for the NDA Exam , it is time aspirants pulled up their socks and geared up for the exam. Time is running out of the hand by the second and candidates are busy with their preparations and last minute revision for all the topics that they have studied so far. In this article we have provided the last minute tips to crack NDA 2018 exam in first attempt.

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  • To clear NDA exam, candidates should make thorough preparation to cover sections like Mathematics, English, Science, Geography and General Knowledge.
  • It is better to work out as much problems as possible for scoring well in Mathematics. Newspapers and magazines will help to score good marks in English and General Knowledge.
  • Candidates can make use of text books like Arihant NDA Entrance Exam Practice Sets, NDA Exam Guide etc. to prepare for all sections.
  • Another method of preparation is to solve as many previous year question papers as possible.
  • Revise NCERT text books in the last few days; this will help bring concept clarity.
  • Class 12th books must be referred for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry sections and Class 10th books for Biology, Geography, History, Political Science, and Economics
  • Candidate must have the basic concept and clarity in order to score high in the Mathematics paper. It is expected to have both, complete the statement or to solve questions in Mathematics paper; so a candidate must prepare for both.
  • Revise basic grammar rules in order to score high in reading comprehension, basic grammar and vocabulary.
  • The candidates must be aware of the current situations and be prepared for Environment Science and General Science.
  • Current Affairs is one of the most important sections in the entrance exam. The candidates must be well aware of the events that took place, at least five years ago.
  • Practice at least one sample paper before sitting for the exam. This will help in understanding the exam pattern and bring better clarity on how to attempt the same.
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Let us have a quick look at the NDA Exam Pattern:
  • Two papers are there for NDA exam which include only objective type questions. First paper is Mathematics having total of 300 marks.
  • Second paper is divided into Part A – English and Part B – General Ability with 200 and 400 marks respectively.
  • Total 400 marks is distributed unevenly among the six sections in General Ability which are :

(1.) Physics – 100 marks

(2.) General Science – 40 marks.

(3.) Geography – 80 marks

(4.) Chemistry – 60 marks

(5.) History, Freedom Movement etc. – 80 marks

(6.) Current Events – 40 marks

  • Candidates need to be cautious while attempting each question as 0.33 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.
  • Total time duration specified for Paper I and Paper II is 2 ½ hours each.
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Last Minute Preparation Tips:
  • Revision is the key aspects of preparation of any examination. Candidates will have to remember each and every that they have studied throughout their preparations.
  • Regular vision of all topics of NDA 2018 will allow the candidates to retain all details for every topics and also boost their confidence.
  • This is not the time for learning new concepts the time has gone now you should just revise whatever you have prepared for the exams as it is said – You do not have to know everything.
  • Now it’s the time you should analyse your strengths and weakness and work on that topic where you are sure that you can attempt any questions of that topic.
Solve Mock Tests/Sample Papers:
  • All the candidates should have practice to solve the question papers of previous NDA examinations as it will allow them to have an idea of the types of questions in the exam.
  • Regular practice of NDA 2018 sample papers will help them to manage their time for all sections and also give them an advantage over other candidates as there are high chances of  few questions asked from the sample papers.
  •  Take proper Rest.
  • Candidates should never ever neglect their health while preparing for the examination.
  • Candidates are advised to take ample amount of rest before the exam and stay calm.
  • Exam related panic will only give rise to stress which will result in hampering their performance.
  • Candidates can take up activities like listening to music , dancing, take a short walk to distract themselves and avoid getting stressed.
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Stay Disciplined, Calm & Decisive:
  • Aspirants need to know to select good questions in the exams while reading the question they should know whether they can do it or not.
  • You are not allowed to waste time in questions which you haven’t prepared in the exams as this will cause waste of time and you may not reach till the questions which you have prepared for the exams.
  • If you find the question easy, answer it. If it is doable but time consuming, postpone it.
  • If it is a known weakness or seems difficult then attempt later only after the ‘postponed’ questions have been dealt with.
  • Just focus on the prepared questions first and deal with the left questions once you have answered all the questions you are sure about.
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Avoid guessing answers in the Exams:
  • This is very important for the aspirants who think that if they don’t know the answer they will make a guess from the options given.
  • Please don’t if you really want to clear the NDA exams just be positive and answer the questions where you are 100% sure about as negative marking can lower your score and you won’t able to clear the cutoff marks in the exams.
  • If you want you may for few questions to try your luck but not for every question this will surely affect your scoring.
  • Just focus on the areas in which you are confident.
Be Careful About Clearing The Cut-Off:
  • You should plan well where you have to focus and on which section of the paper so that it becomes easy for you to easily clear the cutoff for the exams.
  • But do remember the goal isn’t to clear the only cutoff marks but to get into merit list too so prepare that way for the exams.
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