Indian Navy Grade Pay & Salary Chart After 7th Pay Commision

Hello Defence Lovers, The crux of Indian Navy is about defending the country against external threats through waters. Then it not only defends the country from ocean-headed threats but provides smart intelligence regarding all defence related matters it gathers from a variety of sources. The Indian Naval officers are entitled to fairly decent salary ranges, with variations based on their ranks and other factors presumably.

  • Indian Navy is the fifth largest armed force in the world, represent the naval branch of IAF. It is one of the largest armed forces in India.
  • Millions of work under several positions in Navy where the president of India holds the rank of Supreme Commander.
  • Along with pay scale, grade pay and allowances for naval officers , they also get quite a bunch of attractive perk as well.

Career in Indian Navy :

  • As compared to other profession in the civilian world, the Indian Navy has a great deal to offer to young men and women.
  • Men in white command dignity and respect and are always in high spirits as the service offers personal, financial, emotional security and status in the society.
  • It gives an individual the opportunity to display leadership skills and bestows one with a tremendous amount of responsibility at a very young age.
  • The Navy provides countless opportunities ranging from being in charge of part of a ship to flying an aircraft or looking after one department on the ship/establishment independently.
  • An officer at a very young age assumes the responsibility of commanding his men and use of latest equipment on the ships/submarines/aircraft.
  • Working in the latest technology environment, the young officers are exposed to the very best in their field of operations.
  • The cutting edge technology and Revolution in Military Affairs makes the career very challenging in the Indian Navy.
  • It is the only service that operates regularly with the other navies of the world. This not only helps in professional expertise of an individual but provides opportunities to exhibit our talent with pride all across the world.
  • For those who seek fulfilment in life, there is no career like the Navy.
  • It offers an attractive pay package, perks, life time pension, medical benefits for self and family.
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Why Do We Need A Navy ?

  • Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister, had rigtly said,” To be secure on Land, we must be Supreme at Sea”.
  • This famous quote always remind us that we are primarily a Maritime Nation.
  • A strong navy is an important element of every Maritime Nation.
  • India has a coast line of about 7500 km and an Exclusive Economic Zone(EEZ) of over 2 million sq kms.
  • In addition, we are endowed with abundant oceanic wealth comprising a large number of island territories and vast sea bed area, over 97 % of our national trade is carried by sea routes! We must protect our natural wealth and keep our trade routes open in order to progress and per.
  • It is therefore, imperative that India maintains a strong Navy which is always in a high state of preparedness.
  • Of all the diverse elements that go into the making of a strong and effective Navy, no single factor is as important as its men.
  • For the Navy to be world class, it requires top rate officers and men. And you could just be the one the Navy is looking for.
  • Putting it simply, the nation needs the Navy and the Navy needs the best of you.
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Indian Navy Pay Scale :
Indian Navy Ranks
Grade Pay
Pay Scale
Sub Lieutenant 5400 PB-3/ 15,600-39,100  6000
Lieutenant 6100 PB-3/ 15,600-39,100  6000
Lieutenant Commander 6600 PB-3/ 15,600-39,100  6000
Commander 8000 PB-4/ 37,400-67,000  6000
Captain 8700 PB-4/ 37,400-67,000  6000
Commodore 8900 PB-4/ 37,400-67,000  6000
Rear Admiral 10,000 PB-4/ 37,400-67,000  –
Vice Admiral HAG-Scale/ 67,000-79,000  –
Vice Admiral & Equivalent HAG-Scale/ 75,500-80,000  –
 DGAFMS APEX 80,000  –
 VCNS or C-IN-C or Equivalent APEX 80,000
 Admiral or Equivalent 90,000

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Indian Navy Officers Perks and Benefits :
  • Free Medical Facilities For Self And Family
  • Canteen Facilities
  • Free Ration
  • Mess / Club / Sports Facilities
  • Group Insurance
  • Furnished Govt. Accomodation At Best Location
  • Pension With All Benefits
  • 60 Days Of Paid Annual Leave
  • 20 Days Of Paid Casual Leave
  • Leave Encashment – Upto 300 Days

Indian Navy Sailors Salary :
Pay Band
Pay In Pay Band (Rs.)
Grade Pay (Rs.)
MSP (Rs.)
‘X’ Group Pay (Rs.)
Apprentice PB-1 5200 – 20200 2000 2000 1400
Artificer V PB-1 5200 – 20200 2400 2000 1400
Artificer IV PB-1 5200 – 20200 2800 2000 1400
Art III – I PB-2 9300-34800 3400 2000 1400
Chief/Art PB-2 9300-34800 4200 2000 1400
MCPO II PB-2 9300-34800 4600 2000 1400
MCPO I PB-2 9300-34800 4800 2000 1400
Rank wise pay scale of ‘Y’ Group (SSR/MR/NMR) :
Pay Band
Pay In Pay Band  (Rs.)
Grade Pay  (Rs.)
MSP (Rs.)
Seaman II PB-1 5200 – 20200 2000 2000
Seaman I PB-1 5200 – 20200 2400 2000
Leading Seaman PB-1 5200 – 20200 2800 2000
Petty Officer PB-1 5200 – 20200 2800 2000
Chief Petty Officer PB-2 9300-34800 4200 2000
MCPO II PB-2 9300-34800 4600 2000
MCPO I PB-2 9300-34800 4800 2000
Allowance for Indian Navy Sailors :
To Whom Granted
Rate Per Month (On The Basis Of Rank)
Instructional Deputed as Instructor at Training
Establishments/ institutes listed in Govt. letter
Submarine Qualified Submariner 10500-12600
Flying Qualified Aircrew 10500-12600
Marine Commando Qualified as MARCO 10500-12600
Diving Ships Diver, Clearance Diver I, II & III 600-900
Sea Duty Sailors serving onboard ships (Sailing Only) 3000-5400
Hard Area Sailors posted in Nicobar and Lakshadeep Group of Islands 25% of Pay in Pay Band+GP+MSP
CILQ Married sailors not alloted Govt. Married Accomodation 2400-8100 (On the basis of Classification of Cities & Rank)
Transport All Sailors (400-1600) + DA

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Indian Naval Commands :

Western Naval Command

The Western Naval Command, headquartered at Mumbai is headed by Flag Officer Commanding in Chief, Western Naval Command, which has units in Gujarat, Goa, Karwar and Mumbai.

Eastern Naval Command

The Eastern Naval Command is based at Visakhapatnam. It is headed by Flag Officer Commanding In Chierf, ENC and has units and authorities in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

Southern Naval Command

The Southern Naval command, based at Kochi, is headed by Flag Officer Commanding in Chief, Southern Naval Command has units and authorities in Chilka, Coimbatore, Ezhimala, Goa, Jamnagar, Lonavala, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam and Kochi.

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