After A Patient Wait For 20 Years, Indian Army gets Modern Bullet Proof Helmets

Hello Defence Lovers, After a long patient wait of over two decades by the brave Indian Army soldiers, a consignment of modern ballistic helmets will finally reach them in a few days. According to reports, this will enable them to bear the impact of bullets even from a short range.

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  • In 2017, Kanpur-based MKU Limited, which supplies military equipment to the UN and NATO, was awarded a contract worth Rs 180 crore to manufacture 1.6 lakh helmets with 13 mm trauma protection pads, says an Economic Times report.
  • According to the report, the company has now delivered the first batch of such helmets.
  • The helmets are capable of bearing an impact of 9 mm ammunition fired from a short range, which meets the global standard for protection among leading armed forces.
  • These are more comfortable than the existing helmets and can also be integrated with communication and night vision.
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Need :
  • Head forms the most vulnerable part of the body that is prone to get injured during the combat operation.
  • As per the studies, nearly 26%-28% soldiers die of head injuries.
  • Bullet proof helmets can make a significant difference between life and death during combat operations.
  • At present, Indian armed forces are using patkas that are worn over outdated infantry helmets.
  • However, it had severe limitations as they are bulky and heavy, weighing over 2.5 kgs.
  • They are capable of protecting only the forehead and back of the head.
  • The existing helmets only provide protection from rocks and splinters.
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