Indian Army Successfully Carries Out Summer User Trials of 3rd Gen NAG Missiles

  • The Indian Army has successfully carried out its summer user trials of third Generation Anti-Tank Guided Missile NAG at Pokhran Field Firing Ranges.
  • The trials of the missiles, developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), were conducted between July 7 to July 18, 2019.
  • Defence Minister Rajnath Singh congratulated the user-evaluation teams and the DRDO for the successful completion of the user trials.
  • The NAG missile has been developed to engage highly fortified enemy tanks in all weather conditions with day and night capabilities and with a minimum range of 500m and maximum range of 4 km. It is a third-generation fire-and-forget-class missile and uses an imaging infrared seeker in lock-on-before-launch mode.
  • The missile is launched from the NAG missile carrier (NAMICA) which is capable of carrying up to six combat missiles.
  • The robust imaging algorithm has made the missile hit the target at a distance of 4 km even in severe summer desert conditions which is unique in its class.
  • As part of the NAG summer user trials, six missions were conducted under extreme temperature conditions of the Pokhran Ranges.
  • All the missiles have met the mission objectives including minimum range, maximum range, indirect attack as well as top attack modes and achieved a direct hit on the target.
  • The trials were conducted by the user team from the Indian Army, as per the user-defined trial directive.
  • The missile system has already cleared the winter user trials in February, 2019. The government has already issued the Acceptance of Necessity for induction of NAG missiles after user trials.
  • All the ten missiles, which were fired during winter and summer trials, successfully hit the targets.
  • The completion of the summer user trials will now pave the way for production and induction of the missile system into the Army.

Jai Hind

Source- India Today