Indian Air Force Grade Pay & Salary Chart After 7th Pay Commission

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian Air Force which is one of the three major wings of the ‘Indian Armed Forces’ (the other two being army and navy) was incorporated in 1932 on 8th October. The primary task of the IAF is to defend the Indian airspace. IAF has approximate active personnel strength of 1, 27,000 and a fleet of 1,499 aircrafts. Working for the IAF is not only a matter of prestige and honour but one can also look forward to earning a high salary throughout his or her career along with several perks and allowances. The glamour and feeling of serving ones Nation overtakes the ‘money factor’ easily! Still, if you think that money matters, this article will give you insights about the salary details of IAF Officers.

  • The IAF has played a stellar role in defending the country against external aggression since its inception and had participated actively in the conflicts India had with Pakistan and one with China.
  • The IAF in conjunction with all its auxiliary units also extends thorough assistance during natural calamities and disasters.
  • Life of Indian Air Force flying branch officer is truly adventures  because there is no other profession  where you will be allowed to rise as high as you want.
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Career In Indian Air Force :

  • Working in the Indian Air Force (IAF) is about being in the middle of supersonic jets, state-of-the-art technology and best of the people. You are where the action is.
  • Air Force provides you with the most modern facilities and gives you an unparalleled way of life and creates an environment, where the best in you comes out.
  • Whether you are a graduate or you have finished your schooling or you have passed your class tenth, Indian Air Force has an exciting career opportunity for you.
  • You can join the Indian Air force to jump start a secure future for you and your family.
  • The various career opportunities available with Indian Air Force include both technical and non technical branches.
  • As an officer in the Indian Air Force you strategize, lead and manage.
  • Trained in diversified fields and environments you are ready for all the challenges that the fast paced life in the Air Force has in store for you.
  • Be it flying the most advanced combat aircraft or providing technical support, your mission is to always give your best.
  • Candidates short-listed after the initial selection procedure go through a rigorous training regimen at one of the Air Force training establishments.
  • Thereafter, they are commissioned as officers and posted at any of the Air Force Stations.
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Indian Air Force Pay Band :
Pay-Scale Band
Pay Scale
Grade Pay
Median Scale
Flying Officer PB-III 15,600-39,100 5400 6000
Flight Lieutenant PB-III 15,600-39,100 5100 6000
Squadron Leader PB-III 15,600-39,100 6600 6000
Wing Commander PB-IV 37,400-67,000 7600 6000
Group Captain PB-IV 37,400-67,000 8700 6000
Air Vice Marshal PB-IV 37,400-67,000 10000 6000
Air Commodore PB-IV 37,400-67,000 8900 6000
Air Marshal PB-IV 37,400-67,000 12000 6000
Chief of Commands Apex Band 80,000 INR NA NA
Air Force Chief Apex Band 90,000 INR NA NA

Newly Joining Flying Officer/Pilot Pay-Scale :

Structure Structure
Pay Band (universal for all branches) 15,600 INR per month
Grade Pay 5,400 INR per month
Military Service Pay 6,000 INR per month
Dearness Allowance calculated @ of 80% of Gross Emoluments 21,600 INR per month
Kit Maintenance Allowance 500 INR per month
Transport Allowance 3200 INR per month (in key metros) and 1600 INR per month (in rest of the towns and cities)
Flying Allowance (for flying branch officers) 11,250 INR per month
Technical Allowance (for technical branch officers) 2,500 per month

IAF Pilots Gross Salary Per Month :

The salary in the first month for Flying Officers categorized under the different branches are as follows. The remuneration does not comprise other permissible allowances depending upon the station of posting excepting conveyance allowance in major metros. As you garner experience, your standing in the IAF goes up correspondingly and with that your total earnings and other perquisites also augment in tandem.

Average Salary In Lakhs INR
Ground Duty Branch Rs.54,860
Technical Branch Rs.57,360
Flying Branch Rs.66,110
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Flying Allowances and Technical Stipends in Indian Air Force :
Average Salary In Lakhs INR (Flying Pay)
Air Commodore & Beyond 13,125 INR per month
Group Captain 17,500 INR per month
Wing Commander 17,500 INR per month
Squadron Leader 17,500 INR per month
Flight Lieutenant 13,750 INR per month
Flying Officer 11,250 INR per month

Other Important Facts And Details :
  • IAF cadets will start earning even before they are commissioned as Officers! Cadets will start getting a stipend of 21,000/- Rupees per month when they enter the last year of their training at any of the Air Force Training Institutes!
  • With time, when an Officer rises through Ranks within the IAF, the Gross Salary will increase considerably.
  • Some other Financial benefits that one gets being an Officer in IAF are-

(1.) Insurance

(2.) Loans (Housing, Conveyance Loan etc)

(3.) Post Retirement Pension

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Life In Indian Air Force :
  • The Indian Air Force has a long standing tradition of fostering the spirit of adventure.
  • Be it the lofty heights of Himalayas or the mysterious depths of the ocean, vast expanse of the sky or closed confines of caves, Indian Air Force Personnel have been the pioneers of adventure activities in all these spheres.
  • Adventure primarily constitutes an essential component of military training. It helps in developing a sense of purpose, determination, courage and perseverance against all odds.
  • Adventure activities develop faith in ones abilities and leadership qualities, which are essential for day to day functioning during peace and for victory in war.
  • The IAF, plays a stellar role in promoting adventure activities among the air warriors.
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How to Apply :

  • The recruitment for all kinds of courses in the Indian Air force is carried out by the Ministry of defence with its headquarters in New Delhi.
  • The ministry of defense brings out notification in various leading dailies as well as in Employment News.
  • The procedure for sending the application is fairly simple.
  • After spotting the relevant ad, eligible candidate can send the application in the format mentioned in the advertisement, before the last date of receiving of application.
  • The IAF has a thorough selection procedure to ensure that the very best become a part of the team.
  • This procedure begins as soon as we receive your application.
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Indian Air Force Strength :
  • Keeping pace with the demands of contemporary advancements, the IAF continues to modernise in a phased manner and today it stands as a credible air power counted amongst the fore-most professional services in the world.
  • The primacy of Air Power will be a decisive factor in shaping the outcome of future conflicts.
  • In line with this dictum, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has developed into a major ‘Component of National Power’, which can be applied quickly and decisively.
  • The IAF has reoriented itself to a multi-role capability of platforms and equipment, along with multi-skill capability of personnel.
  • IAF has started upgrading its combat aircraft fleet since the last few years in order to enhance its operational capability and maintain its aircraft as modern weapon platforms, capable of meeting the present challenges posed by the security scenario in our region.
  • Of the available fleet, MiG-21, MiG-27 and Jaguar aircraft have already been upgraded and Mirage-2000 and MiG-29 aircraft are planned for upgradation. The Indian Air Force is considering upgrade of its medium lift helicopters comprising Mi-8, Mi-17 and Mi-17-IVs, as also the AN – 32 transport aircraft, with the aim of improving their overall capability.
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