Most Important Things To Remember During SSB Interview 2017

Hello Defence Lovers, Cracking SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview is not an easy task. Having said that, I’d also like to add that it is not mission impossible either! After all, we all have dictionaries with the ‘term’ impossible absent in it, right? So in this article we have discussed about the most important things which you have to remember during an SSB Interview 2017.

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  • GO to SSB with the conviction of being selected and trust me buddy it works like magic, this will keep yourself calm during fish market situation in G.D and counter questioning during Personal Interview.
  • Never ever try to bluff during SSB because accessors are expert in dealing with such crap and would catch you in seconds.
  • Take full responsibility of your entire life, your decisions whether good or bad and never regret on something that happened with you like getting low marks, having a drop of academic year or anything.
  • Just tell the I.O (Interviewing Officer) that I learnt from them and those incidents have made me a better human and that’s why i am sitting in front of you.
  • Please Believe That You Are Fit To Be Selected. Believe this genuinely. If you have self-doubts it is better not to go for SSB. It will prevent you from:(A.) Shouting in PPDT.(B.) Writing mugged up stories and sentences in psychology test.(C.) Telling lies, being defensive or covering up about your past actions/in-actions in the interview.

    (D.) Trying to ‘beat’ your group members to succeed in GTO.

    (E.) Being influenced by irrational advice being promoted by peers, coaching academies and websites.

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  • Always be cheerful and hopeful and enjoy the procedure of 5 days. Go well prepared for SSB in terms of both physical and mental preparation.
  • At last never ever show over eagerness to join the forces keeping in mind the false notion that assessors would be impressed, trust me buddy this doesn’t work. The attitude should be like sir “ I am what you are looking for ,rest is your call”.
  • Sometimes life tests your conviction that how long you will persevere for your dream so, don’t get dejected by failure , just look for loopholes that are obstructing you from getting selected.
  • Always remember  “strength does not come from lifting weights, it comes when we lift ourselves whenever knocked down.”
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