60 Most Important General Knowledge Questions For NDA 2018

Hello Defence Lovers, Weeks have passed since the admit card released and it seems a lot of candidates are preparing for the awaited examination i.e NDA. You all must have started your preparations as a good amount of time is left for the exam. But important thing to be kept in mind is to use this time very effectively, so that you have enough time to to prepare, practice and revise in this given time. Some of the important G.K. questions are given below that will help the aspirant to get the idea of what kind of questions will be asked in the exam.

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  1. World Cup Cricket 2023 Venue – India
  2. Kaziranga is known for –One horned Rhinos
  3. The only land-locked country in South-East Asia in- Laos
  4. The largest industry in India is- Textile industry
  5. The central Building Research Centre is located at- Roorkee
  6. Which place of India is known as Queen of the Arabian Sea- Kochi
  7. Bermuda triangle lies in- North Atlantic Ocean
  8. The aggregate of processes that determine the size and composition of any population is known as- Population explosion
  9. Plant and animals living in a particular area constitute- Biomass
  10. Headquarters of ISRO– Bengaluru
  11. Validity time of cheque- 3 Months
  12. National Science Day- Feb 28
  13. First Bank in India – Bank of Hindustan
  14. Percentage of Nitrogen in air- 78%
  15. First Olympic Games was held in – Athens,Gr
  16. Which is the opponent team for the first test match of Sachin in 1989?- Pakistan
  17. What is shortcut key to expand browsing screen in web browser?- F11
  18. Shimla Agreement took place in- 1972
  19. Diu is an island of- Gujarat
  20. Which is a landlocked sea- Aral Sea
  21. Shivasamudram Falls is found in the course of river- Cauvery
  22. The Sardar Sarovar Dam is associated with- Narmada River
  23. Troposphere is the hottest part of the atmosphere because- It is heated by the Earth’s Surface
  24. The outermost layer of the sun is called- Corona
  25. For what is the Manas sanctuary in Assam Known- Elephants
  26. Mana Pass is located in- Uttarakhand
  27. Moon is a- Satellite
  28. Black Soil is very suitable for growing- Cotton
  29. The largest state of India (area wise) is- Rajasthan
  30. Hyderabad (in Andhra Pradesh) is located on the bank- Musi River
  31. The river Cauvery rises on the Western edge of – The Western Ghats (in the Brahmagiri Hills)
  32. Ankleshwar Basin (offshore) oilfield is located in- Gujarat
  33. In how many postal zones is India divided- Nine postal zones
  34. Rail Coach Factory is located in- Kapurthala (Punjab)
  35. India’s first Atomic Power Plant is- Tarapur Atomic Power Station (T.A.P.S)  (Mumbai ) established in 1969
  36. Where is the volcanic mountain Mt. St. Helens situated- The United States of America
  37. Temperate grasslands of Eurasia are called- Steppe
  38. What is the full form of UNFCCC? United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  39. Recently, the Delhi Police launched an app for women in distress.The name of the app is –Himmat
  40. “Father of All India Services” – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
  41. Name of the operation that led to the capture and death of Osama Bin Laden –Operation Neptune Spear
  42. Who started the Home Rule Movement in India- Annie Besant
  43. Chenab, Jhelum are tributaries of which river- Indus
  44. Winner of Women’s Doubles Title at BNP Paribas Open Tournament in 2016- Sania Mirza & Martina Hingis
  45. Who is the only male in the National Women’s Commission- Alok Rawat
  46. Who came up with the concept of properties of elements repeating as a property of their atomic number, as is arranged in the periodic table- Dmitri Mendeleev
  47. Which organ removes nitrogenous compounds from the blood- Kidney
  48. Rocket launch pad– Sriharikota
  49. INS Vikrant was decommissioned in which year- 1997
  50. What is study of soil called as- Pedology
  51. In which year Aryabhatta was launched- 1975
  52. While raining a type of smell comes known as- Ozone
  53. Who is chairman of human rights commission- HL Dattu
  54. What are number of balls in snooker- 22
  55. Fastest century in test cricket match- Brendon Mccullum
  56. Who is president of south Asian wrestling federation- Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh
  57. Delhi is made capital in which year- 1911
  58. Poona pact was signed in which year- 1932
  59. What is the age of the universe- 8 billion years
  60. Dinosaur were present on earth in which age- Mesozoic Era

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