Most Important Biology Questions For NDA 2 2017 Examination

Hello Defence Lovers, The NDA 2  2017 Exam is scheduled to be conducted on Sep 10,  2017. Time is running out of the hand by the second. In this article we have provided the most important biology questions which help the aspirants in their preparation.

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(1.) Malarial parasite is a?

Ans- Protozoa

(2.) It is difficult to kill viruses because they?  

Ans- Spend a lot of time inside the host’s cells

(3.) A person is unable to read a newspaper without his glasses. He is most probably suffering from?

Ans- Presbyopia

 (4.) Father of Human genetics is?

Ans- Gregor Mendel

 (5.) Mitochondria is absent in?

Ans- Bacteria

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 (6.) Part of molecule which deoxyribonucleic acid is named is the?

Ans- Sugar

(7.) The extra chromosome found in male insect is called…

Ans- Y-body

 (8.) The inactivated X chromosome is referred to as a _____  body?

Ans- Barr

(9.) Nucleotides made of?      

Ans- Nitrogenous base sugar, phosphate group

(10.) The hereditary units are DNA molecules of certain lengths called?

Ans- Genes

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(11.) Who proved the evidence of DNA as a genetic Material?

Ans- Frederick

(12.) The longest cell in human body is?

 Ans- Nerve cell

(13.) Bile is secreted by the?

Ans- Liver

(14.) The ‘Universal Recipient’ belongs to blood group?

Ans- AB

(15.) Which one of the following cartilage helps in the easy birth of young ones without damage to pelvic girdle?

Ans- Fibrous Cartilage

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(16.) Blood circulates from arteries to veins through microscopic vessels known as?

Ans- Capillaries

(17.) Antibiotics are?

Ans- Drugs prepared from from moulds and mould like organism

(18.) Who discovered Insulin?

Ans- F. Banting

(19.) With what discovery is Alexander Flemming associated?

Ans- Discovery of pencillin

(20.) Which of the following is not an endocrine gland?

Ans- Spleen

Jai Hind

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