20 Most Important Biology Questions For NDA 2018

Hello Defence Lovers, With this article we will provide you some most important biology questions which will definitely helps in your NDA preparation.

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1. The Life Span of Human WBC is About

Ans- 20 Days

2. The Largest Gland of the body is

Ans- Liver

3. Insulin was Discovered by

Ans- F.G Banting

4. The first organ to be Transplanted was

Ans- Kidney

5. Harmones are normally absent in

Ans- Bacteria

6. The Largest Cell in Human Body is

Ans- Nerve Cell

7. The Blood Pressure is the pressure of blood in

Ans- Arteries

8. The Normal Temperature of Human Blood is

Ans- 98. 4 degree Farehanite

9. The yellow Colour of Urine is due to the presence of

Ans- Urochrome

10. Tuberclosis is caused by

Ans- Bacteria

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11. Blood does not coagulate inside the body due to the presence of

Ans- Heparin

12. Which one of the following Parts of the ” Human Brain ” is the Regulating Centre for swallowing and vomiting?

Ans- Medulla Oblongata

13. Malarial parasite is a

Ans- Protozoa

14. It is difficult to kill viruses because they

Ans- Spend a lot of time inside the host’s cells

15. A person is unable to read a newspaper without his glasses. He is most probably suffering from

Ans- presbyopia

16. The genetic material of bacteria is found in

Ans- cytoplasm

17. A horse and a donkey can breed to produce mule which is an infertile animal. The infertility is because horse and donkey belong to different

Ans- Species

 18. A plant having yellow leaves with dead spots has the deficiency of

Ans- Magnesium

19. What is ‘breakbone fever’ most commonly known as?

Ans- Dengue

20. After diagnosis of disease in a person, the doctor advises the patient iron and folic acid tablets. The person is suffering from

Ans- Anaemia

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