How To Be A Fighter Pilot In Indian Air Force

Hello Defence Lovers, Career in Indian Air Force as a pilot is very challenging and a gratifying one too. A fighter pilot is a military aviator trained to engage in air-to-air combat while in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft. Fighter pilots undergo specialized training in aerial warfare and dogfighting (close range aerial combat).  A fighter pilot with at least five air-to-air kills becomes known as an ace. In this article we’ll discuss about  how you can serve as a Fighter pilot in Indian Air Force.

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NDA (10+2) ENTRY:
  • This entry mode is for students who are appearing in 12th standard Science stream (with Physics and Mathematics subjects) or those who have cleared it and are still within the age limit of 19 years (at the time when the course starts).
  • NDA entrance examination is conducted by the UPSC twice a year.
  • The advertisements are usually put on the months of May and December.
  • Candidates who manage to clear this written examination are then called to appear for SSB (Services Selection Board) Interview.
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After Graduation
AFCAT Entry (Air Force Common Admission Test):

  •  Air Force Common Admission Test ( AFCAT) allows both men & women to get into the flying branch for Short Service Commission (SSC) i.e. for 14 years.
  • Age must be 20 to 24 years at the time when the course starts. Candidate must be Single.
  • Both male and female candidates may apply for SSC entry.
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Physical Standards:
  • Pilots have to meet the Air Force’s height, weight and physical conditioning requirements.
  • They must be 64 to 77 inches tall when standing, and 34 to 40 inches tall when sitting. They must weigh 160 to 231 pounds, depending on height
  • Depending on age, men cannot have more than 20 to 24 percent body fat, while women cannot have more than 28 to 32 percent body fat.
  • Pilots also must be able to complete a minimum number of push-ups and sit-ups and finish a timed 1 ½-mile run.
  • Healthy Bones and Joints
  • Good hearing
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Medical Standards:
  • In case of Flying Branch recruitment, additional set of Medical standards are also present, which a candidate has to satisfy. Some important tests and things checked as part of this Medical test are-

(a.) Anthropometric Measurements

(b.) Spinal Conditions

(c.) Vision (Eyesight requirements)

(d.) Occular Muscle Balance

In the end, an all India Level Merit list is made. Candidates who manage to make it to this list after the Medical Examination are then selected to take part in Training program. These candidates will then undergo training to become Flying Officers in IAF and thus stand a chance of becoming Fighter Pilots after training!

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