How Can You Train Yourself For SSB Interview?

Hello Defence Lovers, The SSB Interview Process is completely fair process it does not demarcate whether you come from the best of school, or whether you come from village or from a  cosmopolitancity or whether you come from a back ground full of defence forces or not or maybe whether you come from the family of defence forces personnel or maybe you are the ward of a serving defence personnel ,  what is required in the ssb and what assessors are looking for is the OLQ’s and nothing else. With this article we will talk about some important things which will definitely helps you train yourself for SSB Interview.

  • Be an attentive listener. Do not ask your Interviewing Officer (IO) to repeat the questions just because you could not listen to him/her the first time. That’s why listen patiently. Although you may ask him to simplify or clarify the context of the question being asked.
  • Don’t Lie to your IO. As simple as that !
  • Elaborate on your answers only upon being asked by the IO. Try to keep your answers succinct and confident.
  • Be smartly dressed in your appearance and also exhibit positive body language.
  • Don’t get nervous about questions which you feel are personal in nature. Be frank and don’t create stories just to create a good image.
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  • The IO looks more for the consistency in your personality rather than perfection as a human being. This consistency check assures him whether you are lying or not. It reveals the strength of your character.
  • Remember that IO has all the information in front of him/her that you have declared in your various forms filled up to that stage and he clearly wants to see whether you know and remember things that you write.
  • Don’t bluff about things which you do not remember. Telling the IO that you cannot recollect a certain piece of information is perfectly fine but there is a limit to which he would accept this ruse.
  • Keep yourself up to date with the current affairs and of course have a decent general knowledge about your country, armed forces and of course about various things you have engaged your life in.
  • You could have written in your personal information Form that you are guitarist or avid reader. He would most certainly ask about those things in one or the other way..
  • IO shall ask you to relax yourself and sit comfortably after you have already taken the designated seat once your interview starts. This is generally in the opening 30-45 seconds when you enter the room. Upon hearing this comment most of the candidates just re-adjust their body positions and start exhibiting a body language which reflects that they were not in a comfortable position earlier.
  • The idea of such questions is to gauge how much confident you are of yourself at the moment you enter the room. You should just reply that you are perfectly comfortable without flinching or showing any negative body language. Of course after taking a comfortable seating position initially to actually be confident.
  • Body Language. Work on it. Try to correct or consciously enhance/ imbibe the positive ones. You can really find a lot about it after relevant Google searches yourself.
  • Be true to yourself during the tests and you shall be come out as a better person after your SSB.

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