A Day In The Life Of A Para Commando

Hello Defence Lovers, When you live, day after tough day, with the looming possibilities of death, it takes tremendous levels of motivation to keep going.India’s Para commandos have their task cut out when it comes to balancing courage under fire, with the hard truth that’s death. A macho man, armed with the latest weaponry and geared to fight and protect, is a fascinating image. But the image clouds the reality of an excruciatingly tough job. Para Commandos are men with specialized training in war strategies. It doesn’t just require a fit body but an extremely robust mind to be on the run, whenever called, according to experts. So with this article we will tell you the Routine of a para commando or you can say ‘ routine of beasts.

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  • Para commandos day starts at 5am and ends up at around 10 (its just a normal day when they have no extra task to perform, like paying the bills boom boom) morning PT 45 min + 15 KM run + 100 push-ups + 50 pull ups + 30 min session of swimming and with this our morning quota is done after this these paraians headed towards mess taking around 700 to 900 calories + vitamins + proteins .
  • All this stuff completed till 10 am and from 10 to 12 noon they take rest . 1 to 2 tactical class where they learn awesome tactics to handle any situation which they have to face in future . Around 2:30 they intake their lunch which is a bit low in comparison with breakfast.. 3 to 4:30 so this is their time where they do whatever they want ..most of them call their families, girlfriends , etc etc short nap or watch TV and after all this evening workout session begins with 5 km run + 5 rounds of rope+ basic MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) moves or art of fighting without arms +45 min of weapon training etc till 9 they had lunch or drinks whatever the occasion permits. By 10 they all stick to their beds .
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  • This is just a normal day routine of a para , when they are upto for a business deal you guys never know what sort of adventures they enjoyed…. If you know a little bit about Indian army or ask the one who know about them you usually hear that the one who is a para is a bit physco in Nature because their profession never permits them to live a life less ordinary that tends to take them above all….. Ye Dil maange ,Kill is forever remain in our hearts and also it is the WhatsApp status of most of ThE paraians.
  • It also depends a lot on Regiment or branch of the Army he is serving in.
  • “Once a soldier joins the force, he and his family are prepared for the possibilities of his death, anytime. So on that count, he is on a perpetually high-risk job. Various factors, including the spirit to serve the nation, regimental comradeship and even peer pressure, can get a commando motivated through his career,” says Maj. Gen. (retd) M C Nanjappa.
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  • According to some former armed forces personnel, the trauma of living with constant stress could be telling on the commandos, but what’s more damaging could be that feeling of doing a thankless job.
  • Maj. Gen. (retd) Nanjappa says there’s a feeling that their efforts are not adequately recognized. “A contrast with the recognition for say, a policeman who dies on duty, will tell you the story. There are hundreds of commandos fighting the insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir… their life and death don’t get the right attention or recognition,” he says.
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