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Incredible Stories Of Indian Army Heroes Every Indian Must Know

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian Army, With so many stories and instances that proved the intrepidity of the brave soldiers, we as citizens should salute and revere them.  Indomitable courage, outstanding leadership and devotion to duty, that’s how you identify the men in olive green. Far from

After 35 Years India Develop Its Very Own First Battle Tank

Hello Defence Lovers, India took 35 years to develop it’s own first tank and you know this is completely a monster from hell. In the mid-1970s, India began development on a totally new, advanced main battle tank that would satisfy the needs of the country’s Armored

How To Be A Part Of COBRA Special Force

Hello Defence Lovers, COBRA (Commando Battalion for Resolute Action) is a specialised unit of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) of India proficient in guerrilla tactics and jungle warfare. COBRA is ranked among one of India’s more experienced and successful law enforcement units. It is established to counter

All You Need To Know About The Special Forces Training School

Hello Defence Lovers, In the world of the military, there is perhaps no unit that captures the imagination of the public quite like the Special Forces. From reconnaissance and assault missions to counter-terrorism and hostage rescue, Special Forces take on some of the hardest missions

Border Security Force : India’s First Line Of Defence

‘Duty Unto Death’ Hello Defence Lovers, The Border Security Force (BSF) is the primary Border guarding force of India. It is one of the five Central Armed Police Forces of the Union of India, it was raised in the wake of the 1965 War on 1 December

All You Need To Know About The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Of Indian Defence

Hello Defence Lovers, An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, unmanned aircraft system (UAS), or by several other names, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. The flight of UAVs may operate with various degrees of autonomy, either under remote control by a

Meet India’s 1st & Only Women Commando Trainer

Hello Defence Lovers, A combat shooting instructor, a firefighter, a scuba diver, an HMI medalist in rock climbing, and one of the 10 women in the world certified in Jeet Kune Do—these are all one woman’s accomplishments. In this article  we’re talking about Dr. Seema Rao,

How To Be A NSG Commando

Hello Defence Lovers, The National Security Guard (NSG) is an Indian special force unit under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). It was raised in 1984, following Operation Blue Star and the assassination of Indira Gandhi, for combating terrorist activities with a view to protect states against internal disturbances. It

How To Be A Para Commando

Hello Defence Lovers, Para (Special Forces) is a special force unit of the Indian Army’s Parachute Regiment and is tasked with missions such as special operations, direct action, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defence, counter-proliferation, counter-insurgency, seek and destroy and personnel recovery.

All You Need To know About Territorial Army India

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian Territorial Army (TA) is a second line of defence after the Regular Indian Army; it is not a profession, occupation or a source of employment. It is only meant for those people who are already in mainstay civilian professions; in fact,

12 Most Badass Indian Military Vehicles Till Date

Hello Defence Lovers, The vehicles used by the Indian Military improve its operational efficiency and communications. It also equips our Armed Forces with modern defence and battle field equipment. These Vehicles are some of the most Badass Vehicles of Indian Army whereas on the other hand

Complete List Of Physical & Medical Standards For Indian Army

Hello Defence Lovers, Indian Army has proved to be a great defence system and hence, a vast number of youth from different states of India want to Join Indian Army. The Indian Army has a regimental system which is then divided into 7 commands on

Grandmaster Shifuji : World’s Best Commando Trainer

Note: “This is an old article as per the details mentioned on shifuji official website earlier. He has recently confirmed that he has never trained any Indian armed forces commando and he is not in the Indian army navy or airforce” Must Read, What is

Impressive Story Behind Indian Army Day Celebrations

Hello Defence Lovers, Indian Army Day marks a day to salute the valiant soldiers who sacrifices their lives to protect our country and the people living in it. The day is celebrated on January 15th every year. In this article, we’ll discuss the impressive story behind

All You Need To Know About Officers Training Academy

Hello Defence Lovers, The Officers Training Academy, Chennai & Officers Training Academy, Gaya both are a training establishment of the Indian Army that trains officers for the Short Service Commission. The 49-week course at the OTA prepares graduates for all branches of the Army, except for the Army

Indian Defence’s ‘Future Soldier Program’ Will Make Our Soldiers The Most Badass On The Planet

Hello Defence Lovers, Hate it or love it, wars are a reality and the army with the best soldiers prevails. While the American, Russian and Israeli soldier battle-gears are known around the world as the most advanced, the Indian Army’s two-phase ‘Future Soldier’ program, earlier known

Most Deadliest Weapons Of Indian Military Forces

It is very difficult to precisely point out to any particular weapon which is the best as each weapon is used depending on the nature of conflict. For example a soldier may prefer to use an AK series rifle in a counter insurgency operation because of

New Year 2017 Resolutions For Every Defence Aspirant

Best New Year Resolutions Every Defence Lover Should Make For 2017 The end of 2016 has come and the new dawn of 2017 is waiting at the door steps, with new things to happen. Every year, we take resolutions to improve our life from the