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7 Interesting Facts About India’s Guardian Angels Who Ensure That The Skies Remain Safe

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian Air Force (IAF) is one of the most powerful armed forces in the world that has fought numerous wars as well as effected scores of civilian rescue operations. From shielding India against China and Pakistan to rescuing stranded civilians affected by

10 Things You Should Know About India’s Biggest Military Exercise Gagan Shakti 2018

Hello Defence Lovers, In a massive show of strength, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is conducting ‘Gagan Shakti 2018’, the biggest ever war combat game exercise on the Pakistan and China border. Here’s all you need to know about the exercise. Also Read, 4 Important Areas Where

10 Mind Blowing Facts About LCA-Tejas You Should Know

Hello Defence Lovers, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday, Making it clear that the government is in no mood to ditch made-in-India Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas, The minister also made it clear that the government is working to ensure that the per year manufacturing capability of

All You Need To Know About Avani Chaturvedi 1st Indian Woman To Fly A Fighter Aircraft Solo

Hello Defence Lovers, Flying Officer Avani Chaturvedi scripted history by becoming the first Indian woman fighter pilot to fly solo. Ms Chaturvedi on Monday flew a MiG-21 Bison, which has the highest landing and take-off speed in the world. This was her first training solo sortie and

Meet Flight Lieutenant Nachiketa Most Badass Pilot In The History Of The Indian Air Force

Hello Defence Lovers, Kargil was simply one of the harshest wars India’s armed forces had ever fought. Maybe that’s why the tales of valour and grit that rose from the Kargil war zone are so striking. Many heroes emerged in the ferocious war, and while we

IAF Officers Misused Allowance For Foreign Trips, Caused Loss Of Rs 82 Lakh: CAG

Hello Defence Lovers, Dozens of Indian Air Force (IAF) officers violated defence travel regulations by claiming allowances after visiting foreign countries, causing a loss of more than Rs 82 lakh to the exchequer, the Comptroller and Auditor General has found. Also Read, Meet Wing Commander Mandeep Singh

A Day In The Life Of A Pilot Of The Indian Air Force

Hello Defence Lovers, A fighter pilot is a military aviator trained to engage in air-to-air combat while in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft. Fighter pilots undergo specialized training in aerial warfare and dogfighting (close range aerial combat). Several fighter pilots-to-be have asked what a “typical day” is like for a fighter pilot. It depends what kind of a pilot

Meet Wing Commander Mandeep Singh Dhillon Who Sacrifice His Life To Save Others

Hello Defence Lovers, Every year we amend our travel plans trying to escape the unnecessary tension that cloaks mountains during monsoons – landslides, heavy rains, who wants that? But despite everything, these nature-related-calamities do affect the lifestyle of those who live here. Just like every year,

12 Reasons Why Sukhoi Is The Most Popular Aircraft Of Indian Air Force

Hello Defence Lovers, Indian air force is the fourth strongest air force in the world. In Indian Air Force there is total 2086 aircraft in which Russian made Sukhoi Su-30MKI is the most popular aircraft. The constantly evolving Sukhoi Su-30MKI has provided the Indian Air

Meet Rucha Surendra Sial Who Quit Her MNC Job To Pursue IAF Dream

Hello Defence Lovers, Twenty-three year-old Rucha Surendra Sial has always dreamt of a career with the Indian Air Force. When she heard of the induction of three women pilots into the fighter squadron last year, she decided the time had come to make a move.

10 Unknown Facts About The Marshal Of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh

Hello Defence Lovers, Some individuals always stay on top. They all have one thing in common – passion and commitment. They have so many  goals and interests in life that every negative emotion pales before their achievement-oriented lives. Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan

Meet India’s First Three Female Combat Pilots

Hello Defence Lovers, A combat pilot or fighter pilot is a military aviator trained to engage in air-to-air combat while in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft. Fighter pilots undergo specialized training in aerial warfare and dogfighting (close range aerial combat). A fighter pilot with at least five

List Of World Records Set By Indian Air Force Officers

Hello Defence Lovers, One of the key components of the Indian defence mechanism, the Indian Air Force (IAF) ranks amongst the best in the world. Formed under the Indian Air Force Act on October 8, 1932 it has proved its mettle numerous times and fulfilled its

Wing Commander Sanjay Thapar, First Indian Who Unfurled Tricolour At The North Pole

Hello Defence Lovers, Forget Para jumping, living a normal life at the North Pole is no joke as, throughout the year, the climate here remains cold and temperate. In April, however, the average temperature remains around -1  degree Celsius with a minimum temperature of -6.9 degree

All About Pilot Aptitude Battery Test By IAF

Hello Defence Lovers, PABT means Pilot Aptitude Battery Test. It is conducted for the candidates who aspire to join flying branch of Indian Air Force. Pilot Aptitude Battery Test is aimed at assessing a candidate’s aptitude to be trained as a pilot. many Defence and IAF aspirants are

10 Strongest Air Forces In The World

Hello Defence Lovers, Though India is not counted among powerful countries in terms of infrastructure and development, but it is surely counted among countries with the most powerful armed forces. The Indian Air Force is one of the most formidable air forces in the world. Almost every country

Special Standards For Leg Length, Thigh Length And Sitting Height For Pilots In Air Force

Hello Defence Lovers, Joining IAF (Indian Air Force) is a dream that many young Indians nurture. Many dream of becoming Flying Officers (Pilots) in IAF. The leg length, along with other anthropometric measurements like height, arm length, &c, is important because cockpits of aircraft (fighter/transport/helicopters) are

First Woman Solo Pilot Of IAF – Flt Lt Harita Kaur Deol

Hello Defence Lovers, The women world over, particularly in non-European countries, in the last several decades have got out of the  safe and warm cocoon  set  by the conservative  societies and proved their worth.  Conservative communities traditionally discouraged women to move freely in the society  and it

Motivational Story Of Flight Lieutenant Who Never Gave Up

Hello Defence Lovers, Adapting to disability is perhaps one of the greatest triumphs of human evolution. Flight Cadet Herojit Rajkumar Singh is a living example of it. Not long ago, donning the Indian Air Force uniform was a mere flight of fancy for Flight Cadet Herojit Rajkumar Singh

Heart Touching Love Story Of Two Air Warriors Will Make You Emotional

Hello Defence Lovers, Love stories are always beautiful. You can know its beauty only when you start loving. We might have read many love stories which were heart touching. We cannot predict how our life changes from day to day. They say matches are made in

20 Ultimate Reasons To Join Indian Air Force

Hello Defence Lovers, Indian Air Force is the 4th largest in the world, just behind USA, Russia and Israel. It was officially established on 8 October 1932. The President of India Pranab Mukherjee serves as the ex-officio Commander-in-Chief of the IAF. The fourth largest air force in the world

Indian Air Force Raising Combat Force To Guard Airbases

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian Air Force has set up a training school to impart Army-like training to men and women who can as the first line of defence during any terrorist attacks. The Air Force is raising an army to cover all its bases. Seeking

Mightiest Transport Aircraft Of The Indian Air Force

Hello Defence Lovers, Indian Air Force is the 4th largest in the world, just behind USA, Russia and China. Indian Air Force aircraft or military cargo aircraft are typically fixed wing and rotary wing cargo aircraft which are used to airlift troops, weapons and other military equipment by

World’s Most Advanced Stealth Aircraft

Hello Defence Lovers, Stealth aircraft are designed to avoid detection using a variety of technologies that reduce reflection/emission of radar, infrared, visible light, radio-frequency (RF) spectrum, and audio, collectively known as stealth technology.  The modern warfare strategies have been enhanced to a new height with the introduction

All You Need To Know About The Stealth Fighter Aircraft

Hello Defence Lovers, The term “stealth” is commonly applied to aircraft or missile systems that have been designed to produce as small a radar signature as is practicable. In fact, stealth technology goes beyond this to include reducing as many “observables” of an aircraft or missile

India-Russia Sign Long Term Support Agreement On Sukhoi Su-30MKI

Hello Defence Lovers, India and Russia have signed two long-term support agreements for the Sukhoi Su-30MKI combat aircraft fleet, covering around 57,000 spares and components related to the aircraft. Also Read, Indian Army Is Shopping For Badass Weapons To Make The Special Forces Even Deadlier India has

Future Of Indian Air Force

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian Air Force has been undergoing a modernization programs to replace and upgrade its aging and outdated equipment since the late 90’s to advanced standards. For that reason it has started procuring and developing aircraft, weapons, associated technologies, and infrastructures. Some of

Air Marshal Subroto Mukerjee : Legend Of Indian Air Force

Hello Defence Lovers, Some men are born to greatness. Others carve their part to it. Subroto Mukerjee was one of the latter category who paved the way to his own tryst with destiny and laid the foundations of Indian Air Force in the process. Air Marshal

Amazing Facts You Should Know About The Indian Air Force

Hello Defence Lovers, Though India is not counted among powerful countries in terms of infrastructure and development, but it is surely counted among countries with the most powerful armed forces. The Indian Air Force (IAF) is the air arm of the Indian armed forces. The Indian Air Force,

Instruction For Filling Up OMR Sheet For AFCAT 2017

Hello Defence Lovers, OMR (Optical Mark Recognition )  Sheet is the used in examinations has the complete data of candidate including his name, Father’s name, Date of birth, Roll number etc. along with answers he has marked out of multiple choice. Indian Air Force has introduced