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Missing In Action: India’s Aircraft Carriers

Long considered the crowning jewel of the fleet, India has continuously operated an aircraft carrier for well over half-a-century. Since 1961, when its first carrier entered service, India has gone to war with Portugal (1961), China (1962), and Pakistan (1965, 1971, and 1999). How is

Rafale Contract For India: Clarifications By Dassault Aviation

 Within the framework of the September 2016 Inter-Government Agreement between France and India, Dassault Aviation has sold 36 Rafale aircraft to India. In compliance with the Indian regulations (Defence Procurement Procedure) and as frequent with such a contract, Dassault Aviation has committed to offsets in

Here’s The Reason Why The ISI Spies Could Be Snooping Around BrahMos

The recent arrest of Nishant Agrawal, a scientist working with the missile research centre of BrahMos Aerospace Pvt Ltd (BAPL) in Nagpur, has sent shock waves across the country’s security establishment. At the centre of his alleged espionage lies India’s ace in the hole, the BrahMos supersonic cruise

IAF Needs 126 Rafale Jets – So How Did Govt Go Ahead With Only 36?

By Pushan Das As claims and counterclaims over the financial terms of India’s deal to buy 36 Rafale fighter aircrafts from France continue relentlessly, the Indian Airforce (IAF) continues to be in desperate need of new fighter jets, as the asymmetric inequalities between the IAF

Why The Modi Government’s Defence Pricing Policy Is Not As Bad As It Looks

At first blush, the new defence pricing policy announced by the government earlier this month seems to discourage production. The policy, which proposed margin cuts, seems to be at odd with government rhetoric. For instance, not long ago, finance minister Arun Jaitley, who had also

Six Things You Wanted To Know About The Rafale Controversy But Did Not Know Who To Ask

By Prakhar Gupta In April 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the purchase of 36 Rafale jets after talks with the then French president Francois Hollande during his visit to the country. A deal was finalised when Hollande visited New Delhi to participate in the

Surgical Strike Hero Lance Naik Sandeep Singh Martyred After Killing Three Terrorists In J&K

Lance Naik Sandeep Singh, who was a soldier of 4 PARA that took part in surgical strikes against Pakistan in September 2016, killed three terrorists while saving his team members before being martyred in an encounter yesterday. The slain commando has been identified as Lance Naik

Martyred Soldier’s Wife Neeru Sambyal Joins Indian Army As Lieutenant

Hello Defence Lovers, To lose someone dear is tough, to turn that into a catalyst to serve your country is tougher. Three years ago, Neeru Sambyal lost her husband in the line of duty. Today, the wife of late Rifleman Ravinder Singh Sambyal is a Lieutenant

India’s Purchase Of S-400 Could Be A Mistake ?

If you had picked up a British newspaper on 5 September you would have found two faces staring at you. One was Alexander Petrov, according to his Russian passport, the other Ruslan Boshirov. Both are believed to be false names, as British intelligence has linked

As We Get Closer To US, Let’s Not Forget The Past

Hello Defence Lovers, By signing the Communication and Information on Security Memorandum of Agreement, or CISMOA, which the Americans generously renamed COMCASA  (Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement) to reflect its India-specific nature, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has achieved what all his predecessors yearned for.

What Can Pakistan Learn From Sino-Indian Ties?

The ‘China Model’ of International Relations is enshrined in the wisdom of having bilateral economic engagements despite geopolitical tensions. Within the region, China has a history of political disagreements with countries such as India, Taiwan, and Japan; however, these differences were never allowed to cloud

Army Mulls Shifting Rashtriya Rifles HQ To Srinagar

The Indian Army is planning to shift the headquarters of the Rashtriya Rifles, which oversees the thrust against terrorists in Kashmir, from New Delhi to Srinagar.A key cog in the anti-terror operations of the Indian Army, Rashtriya Rifles might soon find its head, the Director-General,

LCA Tejas MK 1 Superior Than Pakistan’s JF-17?

Two days after the Indian Air Force (IAF) shared a video of its Tejas Mark-1 fighter jet refuelling mid-air on Twitter, the combat jet has clearly emerged as superior to the JF-17 Thunder which is co-developed by Pakistan and China. The mid-air refuelling capability will

Janhvi Kapoor To Play First Woman IAF Pilot Gunjan Saxena In Her Next

After a blockbuster debut in Shashank Khaitaan’s ‘Dhadak’, Janhvi Kapoor is on a roll. As per latest reports, Janhvi Kapoor has reportedly been roped in by Dharma Productions to play IAF Pilot Gunjan Saxena, who was the first woman to fly a chopper. Gunjan had

Why The 36 Rafale Meant For India Are The Most Potent In The World?

A lot has been written and spoken about the 7.878 Billion Euros deal for 36 Rafale fighter jets that can even fire strategic weapons. It has been drawn into a political slugfest with both opposition, led by Congress and the ruling NDA government led by BJP

Israel Pays Homage To India Soldiers Who Died For Liberating Haifa

Israel paid homage to Indian soldiers who laid down their lives in liberating Haifa from the Turks 100 years ago with an Army contingent from Jaipur-based 61 Cavalry participating in the events in that country, Army said Saturday. A nine men Indian Army contingent from

Overweight Employees Won’t Get Cheap Alcohol, Says Coast Guard

In a rare move, a regional district HQ of the Indian Coast Guard has passed orders to deny the issue of subsidised liquor to personnel who are “obese or overweight”.The order, titled Stoppage of Liquor Issue to Obese/Overweight Personnel, applies to officers and sailors who

7 Reasons How COMCASA Is So Important For India

 India will now be on a stronger footing in case of Doklam-type crisis in future as it will have access to superior intelligence and information about battle situations, thanks to COMCASA. India and China were locked in a conflict for months over a border dispute

Indian Army Finally Gets ‘Eyes In The Sky’

Cyient Solutions & Systems Pvt Ltd (CSS), a joint venture between Cyient Ltd and BlueBird Aero Systems, Israel, on Tuesday said it has received its first supply order from the Indian Army for Spy-lite mini Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) systems for high altitude aerial surveillance.

New Three Day SSB Interview Procedure To Select Officers On Hold

Hello Defence Lovers, The armed forces have reportedly decided to put on hold the implementation of a new procedure developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to select officers. The De Novo Selection Procedure was envisioned to be implemented by all Services Selection

Rocket Woman: How To Cook Curry And Get a Spacecraft Into Mars Orbit

Can you guide a spacecraft into orbit around Mars and cook for eight people morning and night? Yes, if you get up at 5am, and your name is BP Dakshayani. Here the former head of flight dynamics and space navigation for the Indian space agency

Royal Enfield Classic Signals 350 ABS Motorcycle Pays Homage To Indian Armed Forces

Royal Enfield has launched a new model under its classic range of motorcycle called Classic Signals 350 in two new colours in India for Rs 1.61 lakh (ex-showroom, Chennai). Conceived as a tribute to Royal Enfield’s 65 years of association with the Indian armed forces

Why India Is Wary Of China’s Belt And Road Initiative

India should be wary of China’s geopolitical ambitions, which are being channelled through its Belt and Road Initiative, warns a new paper by Darshana Baruah of Carnegie India, the Indian arm of US-based think tank, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. As China looks to expand

In Pics: Exercise Pitch Black 18- After Flying High Down Under, IAF Team Set To Return

Hello Defence Lovers, The Indian Air Force was invited for the first time to participate in Exercise Pitch Black –– a biennial multi-national large force employment warfare exercise hosted by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). This exercise was conducted between July 24 to August 18. Indian

When Nawaz Sharif Said ‘Vajpayee Sahab Can Now Win An Election Even In Pakistan’

मौत की उमर क्या है? दो पल भी नहीं, जिंदगी सिलसिला, आज कल की नहीं। मैं जी भर जिया, मैं मन से मरूं, लौटकर आऊंगा, कूच से क्यों डरूं? : #AtalBihariVajpayee Tributes to Bharat Ratna and Former Prime Minister #AtalBihariVajpayee, who breathed his last earlier

Mig 29K Vs Lamborghini Huracan Performante Drag Race In Goa

The Indian Navy’s decision to pit its frontline fighter MiG 29K against an equally jaw-dropping Lamborghini Huracan Performante had netizens across the country puzzled and thrilled. A 44-second video, which has captured social media attention, shows the Russian-made fighter aircraft screaming down the runway at

What Is Article 35A & Why The Controversy

Hello Defence Lovers, Ahead of the August 6 hearing in the Supreme Court of the petitions challenging the validity of Article 35A of the Constitution, which grants special privileges to Jammu and Kashmir, separatists have called a shutdown on August 4 and 5 in protest against

3 Lessons From Tejas Program That Need To Be Applied To India’s Future Aircraft Projects

Hello Defence Lovers, According to formal Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Arun Prakash Lesson that needs to be learnt at the national level is that you cannot have aspirations for regional power unless you have a viable arms industry of your own. If u want to keep

When India Played Cricket To Hide Pokhran II

Hello Defence Lovers, Tales of Pokhran II, India’s successful 1998 nuclear tests that fooled a watchful West, told by one who was there. Code named Operation Shakti, the 1998 tests in Pokhran were the second time India tested its nuclear capability. It’s been 20 years since India stunned

Meet Major General VD Dogra Who Earn ‘Ironman Triathlon’ Title

Hello Defence Lovers,  Major General VD Dogra became the first serving Indian Army officer and the only General across the world to have completed a gruelling ‘Ironman’ competition held in Austria on Sunday, army officers said . The Ironman is an international triathlon consisting of three consecutive events- 3.8 km of swimming,