Best Ever Tips For SSB Interview

Hello, Defence Lovers! A SSB interview is the most desired and most dreaded part of the SSB process. The interview is your opportunity to reinforce that you are capable of being an officer and to show how you can fit into the armed forces and contribute to its growth. One major fact to remember here is: Unlike corporate job interviews, SSB interviews are totally different which focuses on OLQs rather than filling up the best vacancies.

Since the interview is such a crucial component in SSBs, many candidates dread the occasion. However, if you are well prepared this could be your key to the forces.

Through the interview, the assessors look up the following traits in a candidate:

  • One’s abilities, knowledge, and experience.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Reveal the aspects of personality.
  • OLQs.

Success in the SSB Interview depends on knowledge, self-confidence, good speaking skills and thorough preparation.

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Planning and preparing for an interview involves:

  • Self-analysis of your skills, goals, accomplishments, achievements, special interests and hobbies.
  • Planning the schedule and dressing appropriately.
  • Preparing to answer the list of probable questions which could be asked. (You can get it on this site)
  • Preparing two or three questions to ask the interviewer.

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To crack SSB interview,  Best Book for you is Recommended below

Facing Interviews Confidently: 

Here are some tips to keep your cool during the interviews and dos and don’ts of it:

  1. Identify your strengths. Some of the core traits to consider are: Leadership skills, team work, communication skills, initiative and creativity, organisational ability and a positive attitude.
  2. Wear clothes that are neat and comfortable. According to research, interviewers are influenced by 70% of body language and image, 20% of tone of voice and 10% of what you say.
  3. Remember to speak clearly with proper intonation, sound enthusiastic and above all, be natural and relaxed.
  4. Maintain eye contact and an alert position: sit up straight, don’t slump.
  5. Always try to adopt an open, honest and confident attitude.
  6. Always adopt a professional and officer-like manner, be honest, listen intently and use strong positive language.
  7. Do not rush your answers.
  8. Pause before speaking, as this avoids reacting instinctively and saying the wrong things. Remember T-BUS: Think Before You Speak.
  9. Do not get too deep into your personal life and avoid being sentimental.
  10. If you don’t know something, say it clear and loud.
  11. Give the interviewer your full attention, wait for them to finish speaking before you answer or ask questions.
  12. Remember: Be enthusiastic. Speak with clarity and confidence.
  13. Speak slower than normal and vary your tone and dynamics a little.
  14. Let you voice show your enthusiasm and keenness.
  15. Remember to speak clearly in a controlled range of tones. Avoid a monotone.
  16. Relax! A smile is the most positive signal you can give, as it reaffirms your enthusiasm and good nature. 

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Cracking SSB is not an easy job. SSBs aren’t just the toughest interviews of the country for name sake. Finally, with these tips and interview being and important part of SSBs, I hope many will clear the SSBs and make it to the forces.


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