Armed Forces Preparatory Academy, We Don’t Coach…! We Transform

Hello Defence Lovers, In a country with a population of 1.5 billion, the Armed Forces are still struggling to get the right people to join the officers’ cadre. AFPA was conceived by after long years of experience in coaching of defense aspirants online. AFPA is one of the best SSB coaching centers in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Lets find out, How and Why AFPA is unique SSB Intrerview Coaching Academy.

From the Desk Of Founder (Dr. Cdr. N.K. Natarajan)
  • “Having been a part of the recruitment system in the Services Selection Board (2008- 2011) and based on my experience of inspiring and coaching students to be a part of the Armed Forces for seven years, I gathered a great deal of insight. It is this insight which compelled me to author a book titled SSB Interview: The Complete Guide which in the last 7 years touched the lives of more than a hundred thousand aspirants. Encouraged by this success, I produced a 17 hours power packed video lectures series which within a short span of 18 months has reached several thousand aspirants. As a logical extension of my mission, I decided to start a full-fledged academy at Nagpur which will be unique in several ways and will be driven by the mission instead of commercials. The campus will be spread out in 110 acres of lush green land with teaching -learning features that are unparalleled in the country. During the stay in the campus, the aspirants will not only learn the subject matter but will live life of a defence officer and go through all the rigors and adventures which will shape their personality completely. I hope with this initiative, I will reach closer to my mission and set a benchmark that will be beyond comparison in decades to come. I hope the defence aspirants will make full use of the facility and fulfill their dreams of serving the motherland!”Why Academy?
  • I realized that while the best would pick up the necessary learnings from the book and video and pull it off, there is a vast majority who prefer learning by doing. This has been amply proved by the theory of multiple intelligence.
  • No wonder many candidates have been requesting me for personal coaching. Further, screening has remained a mystery and a nightmare to most candidates. Despite my several free videos and articles on PP&DT, many aspirants have not been able to clear the screening. Perhaps, the answer is, intense practice under a qualified coach.
  • When I finally decided to start an academy in 2017, I started researching more on how coaching happens in other academies. Since, I interact personally with at least 4 candidates every day who take psychological assessment or skype interview, I gained a lot of insight. This led me to design a programme that will not only be unique but will be highly effective. 
  • Having understood what happens elsewhere and why personal coaching proves ineffective, I have endeavoured to put right resources and people in place and tailor a curriculum which will not only help the aspirants succeed in the SSB but will also prove extremely useful in their personal development and growth.
  •  I sincerely hope this initiative will help aspirants transform themselves into a great personality. I must say, I have been extremely lucky in getting like minded faculty who showed faith in my conviction and joined this noble endeavour.
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Why To Join

  • AFPA was conceived by me after long years of experience in coaching of defense aspirants online. While I was always critical for the way academies coach aspirants for SSB. I ensured that the curriculum in AFPA is way different than other academies in the country. It is a well-known fact that some of the qualities that we look for in the SSB are inborn and can’t be changed overnight. The same can be improved upon over a long period of time. Further, training making aspirants memories responses mechanically can be most disastrous but unfortunately this is what most academies tend to do. I personally believe that working at the thought level of a candidate only can bring success to the candidate as well as the academy. Having understood this I have done 10 things differently in AFPA which will not only give you success in the SSB but will permanently transform the way of think.
  1. Through the WhatsApp Group we also alert them on current affairs which they must know for the SSB. We also conceive GD topics based on current happenings and ask them to prepare these topics.
  2.   Unlike other academies, AFPA offers one full length interview for every candidate followed by detailed feedback
  3.  Screening being the biggest challenge and communication being the biggest weakness, at AFPA we conduct one PPDT and Group Discussion every day. These sessions are recorded and played back to give an effective feedback to students.
  4. In order to keep the aspirants updated on relevant topics, the AFPA research team writes relevant articles for our blog. This immensely helps the aspirants in keeping them updated till they go to the SSB.
  5.  Since AFPA has a very large student base it regularly takes feedback on various lecturette and GD Topics asked in the SSB and prepare them specifically for these topics.
  6.  Unlike other academies, AFPA ensures that there are not more than 25 candidates in a batch. This enables AFPA to give complete attention to individual aspirant and give personalized attention to maximize success rate.
  7.  AFPA has a dedicated personality coach who runs parallel sessions in enhancing and modifying the way once thinks and behaves. The sessions are scientifically developed and scheduled to maximize learning value.
  8.  AFPA being spread over 110 acres of landmass proudly claims to be the largest academy in the country. This large landmass located in a hilly terrain provides ample opportunities to conduct outdoor activities to give the feel of military life.
  9. The GTO Ground of AFPA is one of the best and there is a full time physical trainer present in the academy for conducting physical training and prepare them physically for the SSB. AFPAs adventure activities provide the real thrill and make the aspirants robust and confident.
  10. We get all the aspirants who have enrolled for the batch on What’s App and make them Practice Psychological Tests on a daily basis and the psychologist gives feedback by bringing out the principals instead of correcting individual responses so that the learning is permanent. In this way aspirants are firm about the principals even before they step into AFPA and when they finally come to AFPA they are put through regular tests to master them in the psychological assessment.

AFPA being a project initiated by passionate people who are sincere about the cause of aspirants and the services, everything that we do here is not only well planned but executed with perfection to achieve the objectives. It is not driven by commercial interest but based on our faith that we can contribute to the success of the services and the aspirants. I urge the aspirants to enroll as early as possible as pre preparation is essential for success.

We promise to hold your hand through technology even after you leave the academy till you achieve success finally.     

We Don’t Coach…! We Transform

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