Everything About The Ustads Of Indian Military Academy

Hello Defence Lovers, As the world watched the colourful passing-out-parade at the Indian Military Academy on 10th of June, in which 423 gentlemen cadets graduated after an intense one year of training, few would have known the contribution of the men who made the transition of these cadets into officers, possible. Known as ustads, they are the unsung heroes of the academy.

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  • Drawn from the ranks of Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and Non-commissioned officers (NCOs), the ustads form the backbone of the gentlemen cadets’ training at all levels.
  • Army has a very good tradition of giving due respect to an instructor, even when instructor is junior in rank.
  • “We teach the cadets everything which includes drill, turnout, discipline and even how to speak to people. Sometimes I have to be strict as well but I feel so proud when I see them passing out of here to join their units,” said Subedar Major Sultan Singh Shekhawat, one of the senior most ustads at the academy.
  • The ustads are trained to instruct in various subjects like drill, weapon training, physical training, and field craft amongst other things.

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  • According to an IMA official, there are close to 200 of these instructors posted at the academy currently.
  • Subedar Adjutant Ram Jangu, drill ustad at IMA since the last one year, told TOI, “The biggest problem that we face is turning civilians into army men.
  • We have to teach them to not only behave but also think like army officers which starts from really basic things like how to wear socks properly as well as the kind of haircut that they should maintain.”
  • Acknowledging the contribution of the ustads, a senior officer who did not wish to be named, said, “An officer becomes who he is because of the training imparted by the ustads.
  • In reality, the men that we command are the ones who have enabled us to do so.”
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Source- TOI

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