A Day In The Life Of A Pilot Of The Indian Air Force

Hello Defence Lovers, A fighter pilot is a military aviator trained to engage in air-to-air combat while in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft. Fighter pilots undergo specialized training in aerial warfare and dogfighting (close range aerial combat). Several fighter pilots-to-be have asked what a “typical day” is like for a fighter pilot. It depends what kind of a pilot you are. A fighter jet, helicopter or transport aircraft. Jet pilots are the most busy people. Needless to say, fitness is paramount for all kinds of pilots. They are medically checked up periodically. They have an awesome, how ever stressful it may be, routine to the daily life of a pilot. As obvious it is, since they have to maintain prime fitness levels for their trade, early mornings and evenings are always dedicated to pursue sports and other physical training activities.

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  • A typical day starts with the joint early morning briefing on Airfield eqpt, weather, safety and communication equipment etc.
  • This is followed by mission briefing of individual crew as per the flying programme for the day. After a nice pre flight meal, training flying commences in phases called details.
  • After first detail, planes are turned around and made ready to fly again.
  • Usually flying gets over by noon and post flight analysis is undertaken to derive maximum training value.
  • There are often additional administrative task to be performed in the capacity of officers or studying is undertaken on aviation subjects.
  • The preparation for next day flying programme is undertaken. In between free time is spent in aircrew rooms watching TV or discussions.
  • The office hrs are up to lunch time. Most Sat and Sun are free. Pilots are encouraged to pursue physical fitness regime in evenings.
  • Late evenings are spent with friends or self studying. There is a lot of studying required as a pilot.
  • They have to complete night flying schedules also. Apart from the day, they take duty pilot activity wherein they have to undertake unforeseen flying commitments, rest of the days are more or less the same.
  • There are regular tests that keep the officers busy. There are also regular out station trips.
  • One more thing, active pilots drink very less on work days.
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Fighter Pilot Daily Routine:
  • A typical fighter pilot day revolves around the flying schedule, and the flying schedule very often depends on the sun.
  • If a squadron is trying to maximize the available flying day, the first sorties may be scheduled to take off only a few minutes after sunrise.
  • If the squadron is night flying, the first sorties of the day may take off more than an hour after sunset.
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One More Job:
  • Our young LT’s work is not yet complete, however.  Remember, he had three tasks.
  • His third and “unofficial” duty is to be the “snacko.”  The snacko is generally the youngest officer in the squadron.
  • His job is to keep the thirst and hunger of the squadron satisfied by keeping the snack bar stocked.
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  • If the refrigerator is ever empty (or even just out of the commander’s favorite beverage), he’ll bear the wrath of his squadron mates.
  • While not an intense task, spending a few hours grocery shopping every few days only adds to a pilot’s already busy schedule.
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