8 Things To Know Before Joining The Indian Military

Hello Defence Lovers, Now a days more and more people are turning to the military as a career choice. While we applaud everyone who decides to serve their country, But we think it’s important to go into this knowing full well what to expect. So here is the list of the 8 biggest things you’ll need to know before you join the Indian Military.

1. Your Job Is Up To Them
  • Regardless of what your recruiter tells you, your job will depend entirely on the needs of your branch at that time. You may join up because you want to be an aircraft technician, or a radio systems operator, but if your branch doesn’t need that particular job, then you’re out of luck. And before you ask, no, not getting the speciality you signed up for does not “void your contract”.
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2. You Can’t Quit.
  • Joining the military is not like any other job you’ll ever have. When you join, you sign an enlistment contract for a specified number of years. Once you sign the contract and take the oath , that’s it, you’re in. Yes, you can be discharged for failure to adapt, but that’s entirely up to the government, not you. For you sports fans, think of it as a “club option”.
3. Know Which Branch Is Best For You
  • When it comes to the military, there are four branches: Army, Navy and Air Force, The benefits are identical for all of them, but each one is unique in what you can expect.
  • The  Indian Army is almost a military unto itself, with parts of all three other branches (planes, boats, choppers, etc).
  • The Indian Navy is tasked with safeguard the nation’s maritime borders, and in conjunction with other Armed Forces of the union, act to deter or defeat any threats or aggression against the territory, people or maritime interests of India, both in war and peace. Through joint exercises, goodwill visits and humanitarian missions, including disaster relief, Indian Navy promotes bilateral relations between nations.. They are known for their long deployments and top notch aviators.
  • The Indian Air Force are the techies and nerds of the military (sorry fly-boys, but it’s true), they handle Space Command and just about everything cool or techy. Its primary mission is to secure Indian airspace and to conduct aerial warfare during armed conflict.
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4. Orders Are Laws
  • In civilian life, if your boss tells you to do something, and you don’t do it, the worst he can do is fire you. In the military, when your boss tells you to do something, if you ignore him/her, you can go to prison.
  • You need to understand that, as enlisted personnel, you are legally required to obey all lawful orders from officers, or your superior NCOs (Non Commissioned Officers). This includes orders that could potentially get you killed.
  • This is not a joke, nor do people have a sense of humor about this in the military. If you fail to follow orders, you can put people in danger, even get them killed. You follow orders, period.
5. You Are Government Property
  • No, this is not a joke, or clever euphemism. As a member of the Indian Armed Forces, give your heart to what ever God you believe in. You will be required to stay in shape, wear your hair according to policy, and obey all standing orders relating to your personal health.
  • Basically, if you’re screwing around and hurt yourself so bad that it interferes with you being fit for duty, you can expect to catch some manner of hell for it.
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6. You Can Die
  • As we told above, the military is not like any other job you’ll ever have. As a cop, if you don’t want to deal with the danger, you can quit being a cop. In the military, you don’t have that option.
  • Enemies who will kill you if given the chance. They don’t care about who you are, or where you’re from, all that matters to them is that you are their enemy. And you can forget that crap you see in the movies, there will be no glib witticisms, or monologuing while you think up a daring escape. They will pretty much just kill you dead.
7. You Will Be Expected To Kill
  • There is a flip side to the above topic. As we all knows, Indian has real enemies, and you, as a member of the military, will be expected to kill those enemies. As a soldier, you’re not a diplomat. It’s not your job to talk to people, or reason with them.
  • Whether it’s prepping ordinance (bombs) for use in combat, or taking part in small arms gun battles, you’re not trying to “wound” your enemy, you are trying to kill him. Let that sink in for a moment. It will be your job to take lives.
  • While you may have a non -combat job, the enemy doesn’t care about that, and they will shoot at lawyers and cooks the same as they will an infantryman. That’s why everyone who joins the military, regardless of job, gets taught to shoot, and how to fight.
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8. What You Get Out Of It
  • While Serving in the military, you will experience a bond with your coworkers that no civilian job can offer. Once you’ve put your life in someone else’s hands, and they’ve put theirs in yours, you’re not just coworkers anymore, your brothers/sisters. 
  • Above everything else, you will have joined a long list of men and women who have put aside their own personal comfort, safety, and well being, in order to protect and defend the rights and freedoms of others. You become part of something larger, you become part of what makes India so great.
  • You become a symbol of courage, loyalty, duty, sacrifice, and love of country, that serves as an example to others, and to our enemies, that as long as there are men and women who are willing to stand up for democracy, fight to defend it, and, if necessary, die for it, then India will endure.
Jai Hind

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