8 Things About Former External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj Which Will Make You Respect Her Even More

Hello Defence Lovers, The 67-year-old leader, who had served her fourth term in Lok Sabha had long been her party’s most prominent woman face.  Former External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj passed away in Delhi following a cardiac arrest. Difficult to accept this news. A glorious chapter in Indian politics comes to an end. India grieves the demise of a remarkable leader who devoted her life to public service and bettering lives of the poor. Sushma Ji was one of her kind, who was a source of inspiration for crores of people. With this article we will discuss few things about Smt. Sushma Swaraj which will make you respect her even more.

1. She was the youngest cabinet minister at 25 when she joined the Haryana government in 1977 and the first woman chief minister of Delhi. 

2. Made Indian film industry eligible for bank finance. From 1998 around 25 per cent of films at the time were financed by conventional moneylenders, who lent money at exorbitant interest rates of 36 to 40 per cent per annum. 70 per cent films were backed by assorted businessmen, including builders, jewellers and traders, while less than 5 per cent under-production films got money from the underworld. With Sushma Swaraj legitimising the film industry, it was eligible for bank loans. Filmmakers breathed a sigh of relief as interest rates fell and dubious sources of money were eliminated.

3. Set up 6 AIIMS and She was elected seven times as a member of parliament and three times as a member of the legislative assembly. 

4. Raised Balochistan issue in UN. Addressing the UN General Assembly, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said countries which do not want to join the fight against terrorism should be “isolated”. She also censured Pakistan for perpetrating the “worst form of state oppression” in Balochistan — this is the first time an Indian External Affairs Minister has raised the issue of Balochistan at the UNGA.

5. Act East Policy.  In her recent visit to Hanoi, Vietnam Sushma Swaraj has stressed on the need for an Act East Policy that she said should replace India’s over two decade-old Look East Policy emphasizing a more proactive role for India in this region

6. Resolved Doklam.  Sushma Swaraj played importanat role during India-China face-off over Doklam . She resolved the Doklam issue with diplomatic maturity without losing any ground. 

7. Rescued 90,000 distressed Indians. One of the highlights of her term as EAM was when she oversaw the rescue of 1,947 foreign nationals and 4,741 Indians via air and sea routes in war-torn Yemen in 2015.  She had also helped an Indian who had lost her passport in Germany and also responded to a woman’s plea about her parents losing their passports in May, 2015. In April 2015, Sushma Swaraj had replied to a Yemeni woman, who sought help to be evacuated by tweeting a photo of her 8-month-old baby. She had then tweeted, “It is our duty towards our country and countrymen. God bless your child – our young citizen.” Not just Indians, she also helped evacuate three Pakistanis from Hodeida in Yemen with the help of the Indian Navy. In April 2015, Sushma Swaraj was lauded for helping stranded Germans out of Yemen. After four years into her tenure in 2018, Sushma Swaraj rescued 90,000 Indians in troubled situations worldwide.

8. Sushma Swaraj’s efforts helped save a girl from trafficking in UAE in February 2016. She also rescued a woman being kept under house arrest in South Africa.  She had even come to the rescue of a woman when the hospital refused to take insurance guarantee in Bali.  In 2018, she helped the visa clearance for a 14-year-old student to go to London. 

Jai Hind