4 Awesome Things Which Definitely Inspired You To Join Indian Army

Hello Defence Lovers, Joining the Indian Army has always been seen as an attractive career opportunity by the youth. The fact that a large portion of the youth that enrolls itself in the Army every year proves that it continues to be a promising profession for the youngsters of today. Even though everybody has their own reasons for joining this profession, there are many common motivations behind people wanting to join the Army  and in this article we will talk about 4 awesome reasons which will definitely Inspired You To Join Indian Army.

1. Self Satisfaction : The Respect, The Honour and the Satisfaction which you get/will get after serving the country in Uniform is something which CANNOT be expressed in Monetary Terms. There can be no bigger reason behind joining the Armed Forces than the fact that you will get an opportunity to serve the country. 

2. Quality of Life : Running ‘X’ kilometres regularly with ‘Y’ kg plus 50 odd push ups and dozen of Pull ups will be a part of your job requirement. It may be straining but believe me, you will be in your best shape. The Colleagues you will have will be nothing less than Fantastic. A family of 1.4 million, they will make sure they take care of you and your family 24 x 7, 365 days a year.

3. Respect : RESPECT, you get from every citizen of country. Do you know civilians doesn’t show respect to minister rather than an army officer because they are the real heroes who performs the task and protect us from enemy.  When walking among civilians and every body is looking you and admiring you .at that moment you are not less than any hero for them.

4. Uniform : The Olive Green might be just a ‘Colour’ to many, but there are people who are willing to die for it.  This elegant colour, coupled with Shining stars on your shoulders is the best thing you can ever have in your life. Also, as it cannot be PURCHASED but has to be EARNED makes it more Rare.  and their is a very famous saying that, “ Two stars on my shoulders are better than millions in the sky !”

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Jai Hind