3 Awesome Reasons Why The Youth Should Join Indian Armed Forces (By Capt. Raghu Raman)

Hello Defence Lovers, Every year, over six lakh young aspirants seek to join the Indian Armed Forces as officers. Of these, a mere 1000 odd, get past the stringent physical, mental and psychological tests that filter out the rest and join the National Defence Academy, Indian Military Academy or the Officer Training Academies, Indian Naval Academy and Air Force Academy. The Indian Armed Forces is not a coaching class to teach values that the society should instill in the first place, but there are so many things which only Indian Armed Forces can teach you. and with this article we are sharing 3 awesome reasons why the youth should join Indian Armed Forces.

(1.) Pure Leadership
  • There is no career in this world where you will lead as a 22 or 23 year old captain, you will have 200 men whose lives you will hold in your hands. You can be the president of any place but you will not be able to take men into battle who will follow you because you are their leader who lay down their life for you  that’s never going to happen. 
  • You can pay as much money as you want,  you can give we have to take men into battle without pay hikes employees of the month or any one of those jumbo.
  • Now that’s form of leadership which no organisation can teach you , no organisation can teach you how to take men into certain depths with your own personal charisma . because in the forces there is no way you can give a bonus to the soldier who is done exceedingly well or cut the salary it’s there is no material tool ,there is nothing, you have to lead with pure leadership and no other career can teach that.
(2.) Empowered Life
  • Anything that you need to learn for a business , the root lies in warfare because what is business ,it is nothing but more contenders contending for less resources and that is also the definition of war so a lot of us don’t realise that the origin of business ,origin of communication, origin of logistics  every technology like radar, x Rays, Computers, internet, television , sonar etc they all originated from war why would you want to learn it secondhand in a B school when you can go to the root and learn it directly from the fountain.
  • And if you gave yourself to the army the army would equip you for a much richer and much more empowered life.  
(3.) Teaches You The Value of Every Single Day
  • There are lots of people among us who assuming that they are going to live forever that’s why they postpone doing things but Indian Armed Forces teaches you why every day is a bonus and why every day has to be lived in technical and that ability to experience life armed forces teaches you.
  • Ask yourself this honest question that suppose someone took your life and filmed it 16 millimetre film (Old digital films) and strung it in public display and than took a pair of scissors and started cutting bits and pieces out of it and struck it back together you will not even notice the difference because one day was like another day, so if they took months and years from your life and you don’t notice the difference you might as well have not lived those days but in armed forces you will live every day , every day that you walk this planet will be a day that you will experience from the morning till evening as something that you’ll nourish , you will truly live life when you see death.

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