25 Most Shocking Question Asked During SSB Interview

Hello Defence Lovers, SSB Interview is the one of most important aspect of judging our character from a highly experienced person and if you are able to set your mark here then your recommendation is guaranteed as the interviewer mostly happens to be the deputy or board president. . Here you need confidence and the most important the answers which impress. He is sure to ask you about interest and sports and be ready with all rules , famous players , their country etc. Then he mostly come with question about why do you want to join . Prepare a solid answer for it .Next he comes with some stressful and most shocking questions which we mentioned below.

  1. Do you have girlfriend/boyfriend?
  2. What do you like in your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  3. Do you have physical relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  4. What was the reason of your breakup with girlfriend/boyfriend?
  5. Why don’t you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
  6. Have you ever liked any girl/boy?
  7. What do you hate the most in your Father/Mother/Bother/Sister?
  8. Do you watch adult movies?
  9. Who is your favorite porn star?
  10. Why don’t you watch adult movies?
  11. Do you smoke/drink?
  12. Why do you smoke/drink when you know it is bad for your health?
  13. Why don’t you smoke when your friends smoke and drink?
  14. What do you hate in your friend?
  15. You are not fit for defence, what will you do now?
  16. Why didn’t you try for SSB after 12th through NDA?
  17. Why are you not working anywhere?
  18. How are you surviving without a job?
  19. What do you hate about your current job?
  20. What do you hate in yourself?
  21. Why have you not prepared for SSB?
  22. Do you think you have officers like qualities?
  23. What do you think the top most qualities an officer should have?
  24. Did you do any special preparation for SSB?
  25. What if you do not get recommended this time?

And always remember there cannot be any right or wrong answer for above questions, these are just to check your presence of mind. so don’t giggle in front of the interviewer when he/she asks you you some questions like these.

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